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Assessio Expands Reach with Strategic Acquisition in DACH Region

Assessio, a leader in talent assessment solutions, has extended its operations into key markets of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland through the strategic acquisition of HRD Group.

  • Geographical Expansion: The acquisition enables Assessio to establish a significant presence in the DACH region, pivotal for their growth strategy and market objectives.
  • Strengthened Market Position: By integrating HRD Group’s technology with Assessio’s expertise, the company solidifies its leadership in the talent assessment industry, enhancing service offerings across Europe.
  • Enhanced Product Portfolio: Assessio enhances its HR tools with HRD Group’s validated assessment solutions, providing clients with advanced, data-driven tools for optimizing human capital management.

Johan Masironi, CEO of Assessio, highlights the strategic fit of HRD Group with their expansion plans, emphasizing growth in existing and new markets. Andreas Frintrup, CEO of HR Diagnostics, expresses enthusiasm for the integration, focusing on scientific excellence and customer satisfaction in talent management.