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Built In Releases 2024 Report on State of Talent Industry

Study Reveals Online Platforms and Employer Branding as Top Priorities for Tech Talent Recruitment

Built In, the leading recruiting platform for hard-to-hire tech roles, today announced that it has released the 2024 State of the Talent Industry reportThe study revealed tech hiring as the number one strategic priority, followed closely by hiring for skills of the future.

“Our 2024 survey reflects the critical demand for highly skilled tech talent in the evolving tech revolution, which we see with our customers every day,” said Maria Christopoulos Katris, CEO of Built In. “Given 2024 will be a pivotal year for AI and other innovative technologies, it’s no surprise that hiring for skills of the future is a high priority. Companies are rapidly seeking to hire the talent needed to support the next wave of innovation.”

Despite the number of layoffs that have impacted the job market in the past year, organizations still struggle to hire qualified tech talent. A full 75 percent of organizations surveyed indicate that tech recruiting is extremely challenging. Just 19 percent of respondents feel they have a larger tech talent pool because of layoffs.

Online Platforms and Employer Branding Are Top Tech Recruiting Strategies
A key part of the study is a ranking of top strategies and channels for reaching and recruiting tech talent. While most companies deploy a wide range of channels, the study revealed a focus on personalized approaches for best results. Respondents selected “online tech-specific platforms” as the most effective recruitment channel, highlighting the importance of engaging candidates through targeted methods.

The second most effective strategy noted was “employer branding,” suggesting that a company’s reputation and visibility are crucial in attracting tech professionals.

“What’s really interesting is that referrals and sourcing, historically the most impactful recruitment channels, ranked fourth and seventh,” Katris noted. “This indicates a shift in the approaches to recruit tech talent that better align with how candidates are searching for roles.”