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CommunityWFM Partners with to Revolutionize Contact Center AI Solutions

CommunityWFM Partners with to Revolutionize Contact Center AI Solutions
CommunityWFM and Form Partnership to Improve Contact Center Efficiency

CommunityWFM, a leader in workforce management software for contact centers, has announced a new partnership with, a pioneer in generative and conversational AI platforms. This collaboration aims to create advanced, AI-first contact center solutions designed to automate customer interactions and boost agent productivity.

  • Overview: The partnership between CommunityWFM and combines their strengths to offer modern, AI-driven contact center solutions.
  • Objective: The goal is to enhance contact center operations by integrating AI technologies for improved customer service and agent efficiency.
  • Expertise: is renowned for its generative and conversational AI platforms, which provide scalable and sophisticated solutions for contact centers.
  • XO Platform: The Experience Optimization (XO) Platform includes features like:
    • AI-Driven Agent Assist: Supports agents with real-time assistance.
    • Automated Self-Service: Enables customers to resolve issues through automated systems.
    • AI-Based Routing: Directs customer interactions to the most suitable agents or resources.
    • Real-Time Coaching: Offers immediate feedback to improve agent performance.
  • Capabilities: The XO Platform supports over 40 voice and digital channels, allowing businesses to explore AI automation for customer service while providing human assistance when needed.
  • Expertise: CommunityWFM provides comprehensive workforce management solutions for contact centers.
  • Solutions: Their services include:
    • Forecasting and Staffing: Accurate volume forecasting and identification of staffing needs.
    • Shift Management: Tools for shift bidding, time off requests, and automated shift adjustments.
    • Agent Data Analysis: Provides extensive data for real-time analysis to identify cross-training opportunities and reduce costs.
  • Shared Goals: Both companies aim to improve the agent experience and operational efficiency in contact centers.
  • Integration: CommunityWFM’s workforce management solutions align with’s XO Platform to provide a comprehensive approach to contact center management.
  • Data Utilization: CommunityWFM will supply agent data for’s AI-driven analysis to enhance service delivery and reduce operational costs.
  • Daryl Gonos, CEO and Founder of CommunityWFM: “We are excited to partner with and their technology which is changing the way contact centers operate. Working closely with such a forward-thinking company in the AI industry aligns directly with the automated and distinct workforce management solutions our company has developed over the past decade.”
  • Sahil Rekhi, Global Head of Channel Partnerships at “Advanced AI is reinvigorating all aspects of contact centers by delivering a technology that truly makes things easier for customers and agents alike. This partnership will help us jointly drive a new wave of contact center innovation with greatly enhanced AI-enabled solutions to the market.”
  • Events: Both companies are actively supporting each other through public-facing events, such as CommunityWFM’s participation in the Kore Konnections event in April.

The partnership between CommunityWFM and marks a significant step forward in the evolution of contact center solutions. By combining their expertise, both companies are poised to deliver innovative, AI-driven technologies that enhance customer service, improve agent productivity, and drive operational efficiencies.