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ConTemporary Locums Ushers in a New Era: Introducing Era Locums

ConTemporary Locums, a physician-focused medical staffing company, is ushering in a new era with a bold rebrand: Era Locums. This brand evolution marks a commitment to continued innovation and a deeper connection with the company’s physician and client communities.

“We’re thrilled to share this milestone – the transformation of ConTemporary Locums to Era Locums,” says Sigrid Boring, CEO at Era Locums. “This strategic shift reflects our unwavering dedication to progress and aligns perfectly with our vision of being the next-generation locums company.” For physicians, Era signifies more freedom and flexibility in their careers. For healthcare clients, it means a fresh talent pool of motivated specialists.

New Look, New Website

Following the name change, Era Locums unveiled a redesigned brand identity and website. “We worked closely with our branding partner to develop a strategy that reflects our culture and values. That meant deeply understanding our providers and clients and communicating with them in a meaningful way. I’m excited about how our new brand does that”, said Boring.

Era Locums’ new website offers a sleek interface and a physician/client switch for a personalized experience. The ‘Life & Locums’ blog fosters a supportive community through insightful content.

According to Ms. Boring, the website is only the first step in the company’s journey to transform the industry. “Our mission is to deliver a truly exceptional experience that inspires and engages our community. I’m excited to see this first phase come to life and I’m looking forward to building on our momentum”.