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Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals for Mid-Sized Organizations

Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading provider of learning and talent solutions, has announced the launch of Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals at Learning Technologies. This all-in-one learning solution is specifically designed for mid-sized organizations, combining pre-packaged learning management products, expertly curated content, and a consumer-grade learner experience to transform learning and development.

  1. About Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals
    • An all-in-one learning solution for mid-sized organizations.
    • Designed to address constraints faced by smaller teams in deploying training and development opportunities.
  2. Key Features and Benefits
    • Learning Management Solutions
      • Deploy job training and fulfill compliance needs with best-in-class solutions, services, and reporting.
    • Engaging Content Courses
      • Access award-winning content on topics like change management and productivity.
      • AI-driven content curation and skill mapping.
    • Internal Expertise and Content Creation
      • Equip internal experts to lead academies on business-critical skills with easy-to-use tools.
    • Personalized Learning Experience
      • AI-driven, self-directed, social, and collaborative learning experiences tailored to role and career aspirations.
    • Manager Support and Development
      • Pre-built pathways on key management skills.
      • Dashboard for coaching, tracking team skills, and goal setting.
    • Onboarding and Career Development
      • Pre-built learning pathways for new employees on key skills.
      • Focus on effective communication, active listening, and managing up for new-to-workforce hires.
    • Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer at Cornerstone, on the need for personalized and collaborative learning environments and how Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals addresses these needs for mid-sized organizations.
  4. Target Audience and Market Need
    • Addressing the learning and development needs of mid-sized organizations with fewer than 5,000 users.
    • Meeting the demand for additional learning content and personalized development opportunities.
  5. Conclusion and Future Outlook
    • Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals aims to provide mid-sized organizations with an easy-to-administer, comprehensive solution that fosters personalized and collaborative learning experiences.
    • Positioned to grow with changing organizational needs and to address the increasing demand for essential training and development opportunities.

Cornerstone OnDemand’s launch of Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals marks a significant advancement in learning and talent solutions tailored for mid-sized organizations. This all-in-one learning solution addresses the unique challenges faced by mid-sized organizations in deploying training and providing development opportunities to their employees. With its comprehensive suite of features, including best-in-class learning management solutions, engaging content courses, AI-driven personalization, and manager support, Cornerstone Learning Fundamentals is poised to transform learning and development for mid-sized organizations. By providing a consumer-grade learner experience and fostering personalized and collaborative learning environments, Cornerstone is committed to empowering mid-sized organizations to enhance productivity, alignment, and employee enrichment.