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CXO Partners Launches Supply Chain Leadership and Services Practice, Led by Dan Marous

CXO Partners, a leading professional services firm specializing in interim executives and transformative consulting services, is excited to announce the launch of its new Supply Chain Leadership and Services practice. This new initiative will be spearheaded by accomplished supply chain executive Dan Marous, who will serve as the Managing Partner.

  1. About the New Supply Chain Practice
    • Introduction of the Supply Chain Leadership and Services practice.
    • Led by Dan Marous, a seasoned supply chain executive with extensive experience.
  2. Leadership and Expertise of Dan Marous
    • Background in supply chain operations and demand generation.
    • Assists clients across retail, furniture, apparel, and DTC industries as an interim Chief Supply Chain Officer and Chief Operating Officer.
  3. Key Focus Areas of the Practice
    • Strategy Leadership and Development
      • Overall supply chain strategy development.
      • Omnichannel planning, risk mitigation, near-shore alternatives.
      • Interim CSCO services, CEO/Board advisory, fractional support, coaching for operations leaders.
    • Growth
      • Organic growth, channel expansion, scaling through acquisition.
      • Strategies for facility expansion, automation, co-manufacturing partnerships, due diligence, post-acquisition integration.
    • New Capabilities and Transformation
      • Process transformation initiatives: SIOP, Lean Six Sigma, assortment and inventory strategies.
      • Supply chain systems implementation support: ERP, WMS, DOM.
    • Mike Casey, Managing Partner of CXO Partners, on Dan Marous’s expertise and value to clients.
    • Dan Marous shares his vision and goals for the new Supply Chain Leadership and Services practice.
  5. Objectives and Vision
    • Dan Marous’s charge to drive results and lead change in supply chain performance.
    • Focus on improving leadership, developing strategies, supporting demand growth, and building transformational capabilities.
    • CXO Partners as the perfect platform to help companies unlock supply chain capabilities critical to building corporate value, improving customer service, and accelerating revenues and earnings.

The launch of the Supply Chain Leadership and Services practice by CXO Partners, led by Dan Marous, marks a significant step in providing specialized solutions to optimize supply chains for clients across various industries. With a focus on strategy development, growth, and transformation, the new practice aims to help companies unlock their supply chain potential, improve operations, and accelerate business success. Dan Marous’s leadership and expertise, combined with CXO Partners’ platform, position the firm to deliver valuable insights and solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients in today’s dynamic business environment.