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HomeNewsD2L Launches Achievement+ for Brightspace to Enhance Competency-Based Learning

D2L Launches Achievement+ for Brightspace to Enhance Competency-Based Learning

D2L Launches Achievement+ for Brightspace to Enhance Competency-Based Learning
D2L Achievement+ Launches to Help Transform Competency-Based Education

D2L, a leading global learning technology company, has unveiled D2L Achievement+ for Brightspace, a new add-on package designed to facilitate the transition to a competency-based learning (CBE) model. This innovative tool enables institutions and organizations to offer a more flexible and effective learning experience that allows learners to progress at their own pace and achieve mastery of skills.

  • Growing Demand for CBE:
    • Survey Insight: According to a 2020 National Survey on Post Secondary Education, 82% of U.S. institutions anticipate growth in CBE programs by 2025.
    • Why CBE?: Competency-Based Education helps institutions deliver learning experiences that lead to demonstrable skills and practical outcomes, responding to the need for effective and transparent educational practices.
  • Intuitive Interface:
    • Functionality: Align course activities and assessments with specific learning outcomes.
    • User Experience: Easy-to-navigate design for both educators and learners.
  • Centralized Dashboard:
    • Data Management: Track and manage program achievement data from a single location.
    • Accreditation Reporting: Streamline the process of preparing for accreditation evaluations.
  • Insights for Improvement:
    • Continuous Improvement: Provides valuable data and insights for ongoing program development and upskilling efforts.
  • John Baker, Founder & CEO of D2L:
    • Quote: “As educational technology leaders, one of our primary goals is to make it easy to transform learning and deliver real impact. I’m very proud of our team’s work to optimize our platform to help improve outcomes for learners. The launch of Achievement+ can make it easier to progress students based upon mastery of learning materials and real outcomes. Ultimately this can give educators more time back in their day to help students to be better researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, or to tackle the big challenges in our communities.”
  • For Institutions:
    • Efficient Reporting: Simplifies the process of tracking student progress and preparing for accreditation.
    • Strategic Alignment: Ensures course activities and assessments are directly aligned with learning outcomes.
  • For Learners:
    • Pace of Learning: Allows learners to advance based on their mastery of materials rather than a fixed schedule.
    • Skill Mastery: Focuses on achieving practical, demonstrable outcomes.

The introduction of D2L Achievement+ for Brightspace marks a significant advancement in the realm of competency-based education. By offering tools for aligning assessments with outcomes, managing achievement data, and gaining actionable insights, D2L is empowering institutions to provide more effective and flexible learning experiences.