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Decusoft, Inc. Introduces Technology Partnership with UKG

Partnership empowers UKG Pro customers to address complex compensation planning and management requirements, offering flexibility and seamless access to their HR data

Decusoft, a leading provider of compensation planning and management software, today introduced a new technology partnership with UKG, a leading global provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people. With more than 350 technology and services partners, UKG provides one of the largest and most collaborative partner ecosystems in the HCM industry focused on creating better employee experiences and improving business outcomes.

With this collaboration, organizations that utilize both Decusoft and UKG Pro will benefit from a seamless integration that enables data exchange between the two platforms. With Decusoft Compose, users get a no-code, fully UI-configured platform, enabling companies of every size unmatched control over all aspects of compensation planning and management.

“For more than two decades, Decusoft has developed unparalleled expertise in supporting organizations with sophisticated and complex compensation programs,” said Hank Boggio, Chief Commercial Officer at Decusoft. “With this partnership, our joint customers will be able to easily integrate our uniquely configurable, and extensible compensation management platform with UKG Pro, enabling an efficient end-to-end HR process.”

UKG solutions are developed on the FleX platform, a modern technology platform purpose-built to support great workplaces. FleX Flow, a highly adaptable API framework, anchors UKG solutions in the flow of work where people need and want them most, and helps businesses connect existing IT with innovative or emerging applications to improve their workplace.

“Our partnership ecosystem helps us support our customers with seamless solutions that improve business outcomes and inspires people,” says Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG. “Partners like Decusoft allow us to extend our capabilities and deliver technology that elevates the workplace experience and meet the needs of people throughout their life work journey.”

Customers of both solutions will have integrated access to their UKG Pro data while managing all their compensation needs in Compose. Compose can handle extremely complex plans of all types (merit & salary, discretionary & component-based bonus, equity, stock, carried interest, executive and deferred compensation, sales compensation, and more). Compose comprises key functional components such as configurable compensation planning grids, multi-currency support, review chain workflow (including warnings and hard stops), performance calibration & benchmarking, comprehensive audit trail, and budget modeling. It also includes a wide range of dashboards, reports, and analytics, encompassing DEI & pay analytics, Compose AI for natural language-based ad-hoc analytics, and dynamic statement output, which incorporates employee profile pages and total reward statements.