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Gojob Revolutionizes Temporary Employment with AI-Driven Recruitment

Gojob Revolutionizes Temporary Employment with AI-Driven Recruitment
Gojob annonce que son assistant virtuel d’IA dédié au recrutement, “Gojob Aglaé”, peut effectuer l’équivalent du travail de 130 agences d’intérim traditionnelles

Gojob, a leader in AI-driven recruitment technology for over 8 years, has revolutionized the temporary employment market in France with its Gojob Aglaé platform. Utilizing generative AI, Gojob competes directly with traditional agencies like Adecco, Manpower, Randstad, and Proman, aiming to accelerate its revenue growth following a remarkable 89% increase in 2023.

  1. Market Position and Growth:
    • Processes 2 million applications annually; Gojob Aglaé platform functions equivalently to 200 recruiters.
    • Member of the French Tech 120, recognized as a leader in its category.
  2. AI Advancements and Deployment:
    • Gojob’s AI team of 40 engineers developed a proprietary AI platform since 2015.
    • Embraced generative AI (GenAI) in recent years, enhancing recruitment efficiency across all operations.
    • Filed patents in France and the United States for their AI innovations.
  3. Leadership Perspective:
    • Quote from Pascal Lorne, CEO of Gojob, highlighting their pioneering role in AI recruitment and commitment to continuous improvement.
    • Focus on Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, and the integration of generative AI into their processes.
  4. Technology Partnerships and Support:
    • Collaboration with Mistral AI, leveraging advanced models to enhance candidate experience and recruitment effectiveness.
    • Arthur Mensch, CEO of Mistral AI, acknowledges Gojob’s use of their technologies to democratize generative AI in recruitment.
  5. Impact and Success Stories:
    • Significant metrics: 700 million matching scores calculated, 10,000 AI-managed conversations weekly, leading to the recruitment of 60,000 employees for major French groups.
    • Improves candidate experience with 24/7 availability, contrasting with traditional agencies’ limited office hours.
  6. Client Testimonial:
    • Quote from Mathieu Friedberg, CEO of CEVA Logistics, emphasizing the strategic importance of digitalization and the efficiency gains through Gojob’s AI platform in recruitment.

Gojob continues to redefine recruitment in France by leveraging advanced AI technologies, enhancing efficiency, and improving both candidate experience and client satisfaction in the competitive temporary employment market.