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Greenhouse Partners with Grayscale to Enhance High-Volume Hiring with Texting Solutions

Greenhouse has entered into a strategic partnership with Grayscale to integrate Grayscale’s texting and automation solutions directly into Greenhouse’s hiring platform. This partnership aims to modernize communication during the hiring process, catering to the preferences of today’s candidates.

The Need for Modern Communication in Recruiting:
Candidates increasingly prefer texting for communication during the hiring process, and timely responses are crucial.

  • Candidate Preferences:
    • 89% of candidates prefer texting (Twilio data).
    • 77% of candidates expect a response within two weeks (Greenhouse Candidate Experience Survey).

Features of Texting, powered by Grayscale:

  1. Frictionless High-Volume Hiring:
    • Grayscale’s solutions support faster hiring and onboarding.
    • Enables companies to focus on building relationships and prioritizing people.
  2. Texting and Automation Solutions:
    • 1:1 and bulk SMS texting.
    • International SMS and WhatsApp capabilities.
    • Streamlines candidate engagement and high-volume hiring.

Benefits for Greenhouse Customers:

  1. Enhanced Candidate Communication Tools:
    • Improved candidate engagement throughout the hiring funnel.
    • Effective, scalable, and differentiated texting channel.
  2. Comprehensive Hiring Tools:
    • Adds texting to Greenhouse’s robust suite of sourcing and hiring tools.
    • All-in-one subscription with expert support from Grayscale.

Quotes from Greenhouse and Grayscale Leadership:

  1. Jon Stross, President and Co-founder at Greenhouse:
    • Emphasizes the enhancement of candidate communication tools with Grayscale’s texting solutions.
    • Highlights the effective and scalable texting channel for engaging top talent.
  2. Ty Abernethy, CEO at Grayscale:
    • Discusses Grayscale’s focus on automating repetitive tasks and creating a mobile-first experience.
    • Expresses excitement about providing Greenhouse customers with streamlined texting solutions for high-volume hiring.

The partnership between Greenhouse and Grayscale marks a significant step towards modernizing high-volume hiring and candidate communication. By integrating Grayscale’s texting solutions into Greenhouse’s platform, organizations can streamline their hiring processes, improve candidate engagement, and focus on building meaningful relationships with top talent.