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Guidewire and EvolutionIQ Launch AI-Powered Claims Guidance Integration for ClaimCenter

Guidewire and EvolutionIQ Launch AI-Powered Claims Guidance Integration for ClaimCenter
Enhance Workers’ Compensation Claims Outcomes with the New EvolutionIQ and Guidewire Cloud-Native Integration

Guidewire and EvolutionIQ have announced the launch of the new Built by Guidewire EvolutionIQ integration, now available in the Guidewire Marketplace for ClaimCenter users on Guidewire Cloud. This innovative integration brings advanced AI-powered Claims Guidance technology to enhance the management of workers’ compensation claims, streamline decision-making, and improve outcomes for injured workers.

1. AI-Powered Claims Guidance

  • Overview: EvolutionIQ’s Claims Guidance technology leverages artificial intelligence to analyze structured and unstructured claims data, including medical reports and interview notes.
  • Capabilities:
    • Deep Insights: Provides actionable insights for optimizing claims handling.
    • Dynamic Suggestions: Offers recommendations for effective actions to resolve claims and facilitate early return to work.

2. Seamless Integration with ClaimCenter

  • Overview: The Built by Guidewire integration allows users to access EvolutionIQ’s Claims Guidance directly within Guidewire ClaimCenter.
  • Features:
    • Unified Experience: View and act on Claims Guidance insights from the Activities and Workplan pages in ClaimCenter.
    • Real-Time Updates: Maintains up-to-date guidance through a direct data connection between EvolutionIQ and Guidewire.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Accelerates decision-making processes and reduces operational costs.

3. Accelerated Cloud Deployment

  • Overview: The integration is part of Guidewire’s Built by Guidewire program, which offers pre-built, standardized solutions for rapid cloud delivery.
  • Benefits:
    • Faster Implementation: Quick and efficient deployment using Guidewire’s Integration Framework.
    • Simplified Maintenance: Streamlined maintenance processes for ongoing support.
  • Michael Saltzman, Co-Chief Executive Officer at EvolutionIQ: “Workers’ Compensation claims professionals handle complex, evolving injury and diagnosis patterns. With our Claims Guidance technology, they can focus on the most timely, actionable claims to help injured workers recover and to more quickly return to work.”
  • Will Murphy, Vice President, Global Technology Alliances at Guidewire: “We are excited to release our new Built by Guidewire integration with EvolutionIQ, following our strategic investment in 2023. EvolutionIQ’s technology empowers claims professionals to drive the right actions on the most critical claims. The integration between EvolutionIQ and Guidewire brings AI-powered Claims Guidance to their fingertips in one screen, making it easy to realize impact.”
  • For Insurers:
    • Improved Claims Management: Enhanced ability to manage complex claims and optimize adjuster capacity.
    • Cost Reduction: More efficient claims handling processes lead to reduced costs.
    • Better Outcomes for Injured Workers: Improved support for injured workers and quicker resolution of claims.
  • For Workers’ Compensation Carriers:
    • Efficient Adoption: The integration offers a streamlined path for adopting EvolutionIQ’s Claims Guidance technology.
    • Strategic Advantage: Access to advanced AI solutions for staying competitive in the workers’ compensation market.

The new Built by Guidewire EvolutionIQ integration represents a significant advancement in the management of workers’ compensation claims. By combining EvolutionIQ’s AI-powered Claims Guidance with Guidewire ClaimCenter, insurers can enhance their claims handling processes, achieve better outcomes, and reduce costs more effectively. This integration marks a major step forward in the evolution of claims management technology.