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Hireology and Activated Insights Partner to Revolutionize Hiring and Retention in Home Care

Hireology and Activated Insights Partner to Revolutionize Hiring and Retention in Home Care
Hireology Partners With Activated Insights to Tackle Today’s Healthcare Talent Shortage

Hireology, a top-rated applicant tracking system (ATS) for home care and facilities-based care organizations, has announced a strategic new partnership with Activated Insights (formerly Home Care Pulse), a leading provider of training, recruitment, and retention solutions for long-term and post-acute care organizations. This collaboration aims to address the urgent healthcare talent shortage and improve hiring and retention strategies for Caregivers, RNs, and CNAs.

1. Addressing the Healthcare Talent Shortage

  • Current Challenge: The healthcare industry faces a severe talent shortage, with experts predicting a need for 200,000 new nurses by 2031 and a significant turnover rate of 18% among new nurses within the first year.
  • Impact: High turnover results in substantial costs for hiring and training, estimated between $28,400 and $51,700 per nurse.
  • Partnership Goal: To offer a comprehensive solution that helps organizations attract, hire, and retain top-tier talent in a competitive market.

2. Maximizing Quality Hires and Minimizing Turnover

  • Hireology’s Role: Hireology provides a best-in-class ATS that integrates with top job sites like Indeed to attract high-quality candidates.
  • Benefits:
    • Effective Recruiting: Leverage advanced ATS features to find and engage the best candidates.
    • Quality Talent: Focus on hiring skilled and qualified professionals.

3. Streamlining the Hiring Process

  • Integrated Capabilities: The partnership offers a seamless, end-to-end solution for the entire hiring lifecycle.
  • Features:
    • Attraction: Tools for attracting and sourcing candidates.
    • Interviewing: Streamlined interview and selection processes.
    • Onboarding: Efficient onboarding procedures for new hires.

4. Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

  • Activated Insights’ Role: Provides tools and strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining healthcare professionals.
  • Key Features:
    • Recruit: Automates outreach and engagement to quickly connect with and qualify top candidates.
    • Retain: Focuses on reducing turnover during the critical first 100 days of employment.
  • Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology: “Given the disparity between talent supply and demand along with high turnover rates, remaining fully staffed becomes a nearly impossible task without effective technology and processes. That’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with Activated Insights. Together our two platforms provide a true end-to-end solution for remaining competitive in an increasingly challenging healthcare hiring market.”
  • [Insert Quote from Activated Insights CEO or Key Executive, if available]
  • For Home Care and Facilities-Based Care Organizations:
    • Enhanced Recruitment: Access to a broad talent pool and advanced recruiting tools.
    • Streamlined Processes: Efficient management of the entire hiring process from sourcing to onboarding.
    • Improved Retention: Effective strategies for reducing turnover and retaining talent.
  • For Caregivers, RNs, and CNAs:
    • Better Opportunities: Access to more opportunities with organizations that are well-equipped to support their career growth.
    • Supportive Environment: Work for organizations that focus on effective onboarding and long-term career satisfaction.

The partnership between Hireology and Activated Insights represents a significant advancement in the tools and strategies available for home care and facilities-based care organizations. By combining Hireology’s robust ATS with Activated Insights’ comprehensive recruitment and retention solutions, this collaboration aims to tackle the pressing challenges of the healthcare talent shortage and support the growth of long-term and post-acute care organizations.