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ISG Explores Modern Digital Payroll Solutions in New Research Study

Information Services Group, a prominent global technology research and advisory firm, has initiated a comprehensive study focusing on providers offering modern digital payroll solutions. This research aims to assist enterprise buyers in evaluating vendor relationships and offerings.

Digital Payroll Solutions Research by ISG:
ISG’s research study, titled “Payroll Solutions and Services,” will delve into companies offering managed payroll services across the U.S. and various countries.

  • Purpose of the Report:
    • Aid enterprise buyers in evaluating vendor relationships and offerings.
    • Assist ISG advisors in recommending providers to the firm’s buy-side clients.

Challenges Driving Demand for Managed Payroll Services:
Persistent payroll staffing challenges and the pursuit of operational efficiency are driving companies to seek help from managed services providers.

  • Factors Influencing Demand:
    • Artificial Intelligence: Streamlining payroll processes.
    • Remote Work: Necessitating digital payroll solutions.
    • Efficiency Goals: Seeking external expertise for organizational effectiveness.

Importance of Digital Transformation in Payroll:
Despite advancements in digital tools, many companies still rely on outdated systems and spreadsheets for payroll management.

  • Key Requirements from Payroll Service Providers:
    • Digital capabilities for efficiency.
    • Data security measures.
    • Customized solutions tailored to organizational needs.

ISG’s Research Methodology:
ISG has surveyed 85 payroll solution and service providers to produce a detailed report.

  • Research Objectives:
    • Identify key providers and their offerings.
    • Create two quadrants representing typical enterprise buying patterns.

Key Quadrants in the ISG Report:

  1. Managed Payroll Services: U.S.
    • Focuses on providers offering fully managed payroll services in the U.S.
    • Services include compliant payroll calculations, statutory reporting, and year-end processing.
  2. Multicountry Managed Payroll Services
    • Assesses providers offering services in more than four countries.
    • Features include standardized input methods, digital tools, and locally compliant payroll calculations.

Report Authorship and Additional Details:
ISG analyst Rachel Anderson will author the report, examining services available in the U.S. and globally.

  • Further Details:
    • A digital brochure with identified providers and vendors is available.
    • Companies not listed can request inclusion in the study.

Customer Experience Focus in 2024 ISG Provider Lens™ Evaluations:
This year’s evaluations include expanded customer experience (CX) data based on continuous ISG research.

  • Opportunity for Enterprise Feedback:
    • Enterprises can register to share their experience and receive a personalized survey URL.
    • Participants will receive a copy of the report in exchange for feedback.

ISG’s upcoming research study on digital payroll solutions promises to offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of payroll management. With challenges like payroll staffing and the need for digital transformation driving demand for managed services, this study aims to equip enterprises with the knowledge needed to navigate these challenges effectively.