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McLean & Company Launches New Learning & Development Resource Center and Content Library for HR Professionals

McLean & Company Launches New Learning & Development Resource Center and Content Library for HR Professionals
McLean & Company Launches New Learning & Development Resource Center and Learning Content Library to Streamline Member Experience

McLean & Company, a leading HR research and advisory firm, has announced the launch of its new Learning & Development Resource Center and Learning Content Library. These innovative tools are designed to support HR professionals in developing effective learning strategies, assessing competencies, and creating targeted learning journeys to address skills gaps. By offering a range of resources and learning opportunities, McLean & Company aims to help HR leaders drive positive outcomes and achieve organizational goals.

According to insights from McLean & Company, a well-structured learning and development strategy can lead to numerous benefits for organizations, including:

  • Increased Retention and Positivity: Effective learning programs improve employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Improved Engagement: Engaged employees are more productive and motivated.
  • Greater Organizational Success: Aligning L&D initiatives with organizational goals drives overall success.
  • Robust Leadership Pipeline: Developing leadership competencies prepares future leaders for organizational challenges.
  • Sustained Growth and Innovation: Continuous learning fosters growth and drives innovation.

Suzan Khatcherian, Associate Vice President of Learning Solutions at McLean & Company, explains, “The user-friendly L&D resource center encompasses everything McLean & Company members need throughout their journey, offering a variety of options that help reduce both costs and time.”

The new L&D Resource Center is designed to be user-centric, providing flexibility and a range of resources tailored to different stages of the learning journey. The center is divided into three main sections:

1. Build Learning Strategies

  • Objective: Establish the framework for effective leadership and HR development.
  • Resources: Best practices, coaching tools, workshops, and advisory services.

2. Develop Competencies

  • Objective: Enhance HR and leadership competencies.
  • Resources: A comprehensive library of learning experiences aligned with McLean & Company’s HR and leadership competencies.

3. Track and Sustain

  • Objective: Evaluate and sustain learning impacts over the long term.
  • Resources: Diagnostics, blueprints, and advisory services for ongoing learning assessment and improvement.

The Learning Content Library offers a wide range of learning materials for HR professionals and leaders at various levels. Users can search for content based on audience, competency, training duration, and delivery method. This intuitive library is designed to help users find the most relevant training resources for their needs.

McLean & Company remains dedicated to enhancing the member experience through regular evaluations of products, services, and industry trends. Their new tools reflect a commitment to helping HR professionals advance their skills and drive success in their organizations.