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Remofirst Launches Service to Assist with the Visa Application Process in Over 85 Countries

Remofirst today announced a new HR service to assist with issuing visas and work permits in more than 85 countries, covering Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Oceania. Called RemoVisa, the new visa service processes visas for employees located worldwide, with the highest levels of compliance. Remofirst helps businesses easily and compliantly employ an international workforce in more than 180 countries, with its all-in-one Employer of Record (EOR) and International Contractor solutions.

“If your employee needs a visa or work permit to legally work in the country they are living in or relocating to, we can handle the entire process as an extension of our Employer of Record (EOR) service,” said Nurasyl Serik, CEO and Cofounder of Remofirst. “Our RemoVisa service is offered in significantly more countries than our competitors and ensures the highest levels of compliance with local immigration laws.”

With the RemoVisa service, Remofirst facilitates the entire visa sponsorship process for businesses, leveraging its expertise to compliantly navigate global employment regulations. Remofirst manages the paperwork and ensures compliance with local laws, providing a seamless experience for both employers and international employees.

Serik added, “Our team of HR professionals and legal experts stay current with local updates in every country to expedite the visa process and help you stay compliant. This frees up your time to concentrate on your core business objectives.”

To get the visa or work permit process started, businesses provide Remofirst with information on the role of the employee, which country they are a citizen of, and their salary. Then, the local Remofirst team assesses the eligibility and costs associated with the application, submits the application, and handles the visa administration.

The size of the global visa outsource business is predicted to more than triple from $2 billion (USD) in 2022 to $6.3 billion (USD) in 2031, according to Business Research Insights, indicating the growth of remote global workers.

Remofirst’s EOR solution enables businesses to affordable and flexibly hire employees and contractors in more than 180 countries where they don’t have an entity. It takes full employment responsibility for all aspects of international hiring including compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits.