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Contact Us Releases "WFH & Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle" Report Highlighting Trends, Challenges,... Releases “WFH & Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle” Report Highlighting Trends, Challenges, and Policies in Mobile Computing Releases "WFH & Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle" Report Highlighting Trends, Challenges, and Policies in Mobile Computing
Work From Home & Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle Unveiled to Support Modern Workforce Demands – has introduced its new report titled “WFH & Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle,” which delves into the evolving landscape of mobile computing, remote work trends, and the challenges faced by organizations in managing mobile devices and data security.

  • Mobile Computing Trends:
    The report highlights the growing use of mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets becoming integral tools in the workplace. Employees are increasingly demanding the use of these devices for work, mirroring their personal usage patterns.
  • Challenges in Mobility Implementation:
    Companies face challenges in implementing mobility computing, including device management, connectivity, application support, and data security. The report emphasizes the need for clear mobility policies to address these challenges.
  • Policy Implementation:
    Despite the importance of mobility policies, only one in five organizations have them defined and implemented. Large firms are more likely to have mobility policies in place compared to smaller to mid-sized firms.
  • Device Expenditures:
    CIOs are investing in a range of devices, with capital expenditures focused on tablets and smartphones. The report suggests that the “post-laptop” era does not mean the disappearance of laptops but rather the coexistence of smartphones, tablets, and laptops to cater to diverse computing needs.
  • IT Support for Mobile Computing:
    IT help desks need to allocate more resources to handle mobile computing issues, especially for remote workers who lack in-person support. The report emphasizes the importance of policies and performance metrics for effective IT support.
  • Security Concerns:
    Security remains a major concern for CIOs, with over two-thirds identifying it as the largest risk in mobility strategies. Lost or stolen devices and unauthorized applications pose significant security threats to corporate data.

Included Policies in the Bundle:

  1. BYOD Policy
  2. Mobile Device Policy
  3. Privacy Compliance Policy
  4. Record Management Retention and Destruction Policy
  5. Social Networking Policy
  6. Travel and Off-site Meeting Policy
  7. WFH & Telecommuting Policy
  8. Wearable Device Policy

Included Forms:

  • BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form
  • Company Asset Employee Control Log
  • Enterprise Owned Equipment Form
  • Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement Form
  • Mobile Device Security and Compliance Checklist
  • Privacy Policy Compliance Agreement
  • Safety Checklist – Working at Alternative Location
  • Social Networking Policy Compliance Agreement Form
  • Telecommuting Work Agreement

Included Job Descriptions:

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Chief Mobility Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Manager BYOD Support
  • Manager Compliance
  • Manager Record Administrator
  • Manager Security and Workstations
  • Manager Social Networking
  • Manager Telecommuting
  • Manager WFH Support
  • BYOD Support Supervisor
  • BYOD Support Specialist
  • Record Management Coordinator
  • Security Architect
  • Social Media Specialist

The “WFH & Mobility Infrastructure Policy Bundle” report by offers valuable insights into the growing trends, challenges, and policies in mobile computing and remote work. As organizations continue to embrace mobility solutions, the need for clear policies, effective IT support, and robust security measures becomes paramount. This comprehensive report serves as a guide for organizations looking to navigate the complexities of mobile computing and ensure a seamless and secure transition to a mobile-centric work environment.