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Contact Us Survey Finds Candidates Who Used ChatGPT For Skills Assessments Were 55... Survey Finds Candidates Who Used ChatGPT For Skills Assessments Were 55 Percent More Likely to Get Hired

Job candidates used ChatGPT to find answers to specific questions, generate written responses, and conduct research, the leading platform for free professional resume templates and examples, has published a recent survey report examining the prevalence of ChatGPT usage for written skills assessments among job seekers. The report also shares insight into the hiring frequency of ChatGPT users versus non-users. The survey generated responses from 887 recent job seekers in the United States who took an online written skills assessment during the hiring process.

Based on survey results, 21 percent of respondents say they used ChatGPT to complete their skills assessment. Among this group, 78 percent say they used the AI tool to ‘find the answer to a specific question,’ 78 percent say to ‘write a written response,’ 75 percent say to ‘do research,’ and 47 percent say to ‘generate mathematical answers.’ With regards to written responses, 69 percent say they had to make a ‘great deal’ or ‘a lot of changes.’

Survey results highlight the correlation between ChatGPT usage and hiring probability. Ninety-six percent of ChatGPT users say they were hired, compared to only 62 percent of non-users. However, while 38 percent of hired ChatGPT users say they find the role ‘very’ or ‘extremely challenging,’ only 18 percent of hired non-users say the same thing.

“From an ethical standpoint, I would assert that the assessment instructions should always be adhered to,” says ResumeTemplates’ Executive Resume Writer Andrew Stoner. “However, this is a new gray area that is likely to become more defined in the near future, as employers are increasingly likely to specify whether ChatGPT or other technology is acceptable to use for skill assessments.”

The survey was conducted in March 2024, consisting of 887 U.S. respondents. To take the survey, respondents had to report that they applied to at least one job within the past year, and completed an online skills assessment as part of the hiring process. To view the full report, please visit: