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Talent Masters Redefines Recruiting Industry with Groundbreaking Culture Assessment Program

Dr. Darla Shaw transforms acquisition and retention

Talent Masters, a pioneering force in the recruiting industry, is proud to unveil its revolutionary approach to talent acquisition and retention through its proprietary Culture Assessment Program. Developed by a team of organizational psychologists, including founder Dr. Darla Shaw, in a study spanning over four years and involving 30,000 employees across 45 different industries, this program has proven to be a game-changer for companies seeking to build and maintain high-performing teams.

Unlike traditional recruiting agencies that focus solely on placement, Talent Masters goes above and beyond by addressing the critical issue of employee retention. Through its Culture Assessment Program, Talent Masters helps companies hire in a way that aligns with their organizational culture, resulting in a staggering average retention increase of sixty percent across multiple industries. The program matches work styles rather than personality, providing a deeper understanding of candidates’ compatibility with the company’s culture and values.

“This is seriously a game-changer for companies, particularly in fields that struggle to keep their people”, says Dr. Shaw, CEO of Talent Masters. “By hiring for culture first, we can predict with accuracy if an employee will stay for the long-term, saving millions in turnover, productivity, and training costs”.

The impact of Talent Masters’ Culture Assessment Program is undeniable. Participating companies have witnessed remarkable outcomes, including a significant 60% improvement in retention rates, a 40% increase in employee satisfaction scores, and an average tenure increase from 1 to 3 years. Moreover, the implementation of this culture-first hiring approach has resulted in over $100 million saved in turnover costs.

“Talent Masters is already seeing the impact in our clients who tell us that they see the change in productivity and employee happiness almost immediately in their organizations, and it’s changed how they hire, train, and reward across their organization”, Shaw shares.

In addition to its groundbreaking Culture Assessment Program, Talent Masters provides a comprehensive range of services including executive search, recruiting, HR consulting, training, outplacement, and career services. By offering holistic solutions that address the entire employee life cycle, Talent Masters empowers organizations to build resilient, high-performing teams that drive long-term success.

As the labor market continues to evolve, Talent Masters remains at the forefront of driving meaningful change in the recruiting industry. With a focus on culture-first hiring, Talent Masters is committed to helping both employers and job seekers thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.