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TrackerRMS Expands Partnership with Daxtra to Integrate AI-Powered Semantic Search Functionality

TrackerRMS, a global leader in ATS and CRM software solutions for the recruitment industry, announces an expanded partnership with Daxtra, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for talent acquisition. This strategic collaboration aims to further empower recruiters by integrating Daxtra’s semantic term expansion into Tracker’s platform, enhancing search capabilities and improving candidate matching.

  1. Integration of Daxtra’s Semantic Term Expansion
    • Cutting-edge search functionality analyzes and builds a list of synonyms for search terms.
    • Enables recruiters to identify relevant candidates with improved speed and precision.
    • Integration offered at no additional cost to Tracker users.
  2. Quote from Andy Jones, CEO of TrackerRMS
    • Expansion of partnership enhances platform capabilities and delivers greater value to users.
    • Collaboration aligns with Tracker’s dedication to innovative solutions like TrackerAI.
    • Enables recruiters to thrive in the competitive hiring market with enhanced tools.
  3. Quote from Collen Barraclough, VP of Operations-North America at Daxtra
    • Partnership delivers AI-powered recruitment tools driving efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Integration of semantic term expansion streamlines recruiters’ processes.
    • Helps recruiters place more candidates by improving search accuracy and relevance.
  4. Commitment to Empowering Recruiters
    • Tracker and Daxtra committed to providing tools and technology for recruiter success.
    • Focus on empowering recruiters in a rapidly evolving recruitment industry.
    • Partnership aims to enhance recruitment processes and improve candidate matching.

The expanded partnership between TrackerRMS and Daxtra signifies a significant advancement in the recruitment industry by integrating AI-powered semantic search functionality into Tracker’s platform. This integration allows recruiters to identify relevant candidates more efficiently and accurately, ultimately streamlining recruitment processes and improving candidate placement. By collaborating to deliver innovative solutions, Tracker and Daxtra reaffirm their commitment to empowering recruiters with the tools and technology needed to succeed in today’s competitive hiring market.