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TripleTen’s New Data Report Reveals Hiring Trends for Career Pivoters Eyeing Tech

TripleTen, an online bootcamp for those seeking to pivot to a career in the tech industry, has released a new data report titled “Breaking Into Tech: Employer Secrets for Success.” In an extensive analysis conducted by TripleTen, over 1,000 employers were surveyed to gather insights into their hiring practices and preferences for tech roles in 2024. More specifically, the report offers valuable insights into employer attitudes towards hiring bootcamp graduates and the evolving landscape of the tech industry. Key findings from the report underscore the growing confidence among employers in hiring candidates from non-traditional educational backgrounds. Some insights at a glance are:

  1. Tech Candidates Continue To Be In Demand – There is a rising demand for data analysts, web developers, and software engineers. Over 40% of employers surveyed across different industries from IT/tech, service, healthcare, education, design and hospitalitexpressed the intent to hire for these roles in 2024. 30% stated an intention to hire business intelligence analytics and quality assurance engineers.
  2. Bootcamp Grads Are Landing Jobs – According to the report, 79% of employers expressed confidence in hiring candidates who possess hard skills acquired through bootcamps, even without prior industry experience. This finding signals a significant shift in hiring practices towards skill-based recruitment.
  3. AI Isn’t Taking Your Job…Yet – 87% of survey respondents believe that the majority of roles won’t be replaced by AI.
  4. Skills Are More Valuable Than College Degrees – The report reveals that 68% of employers prioritized hard skills as the most important quality for successful candidates, with only 24% touting the importance of degrees.
  5. Soft Skills Matter – When identifying what makes a successful candidate, 65% of employers identified soft skills (such as communication, problem solving, and time management) as the second most critical element to land a job, even in the tech space.
  6. The Trend Toward Returning to Office Continues – Of the employers surveyed, 57% stated that the majority of the roles they plan to hire are in-person, with around 35% expecting to hire hybrid or fully remote roles.