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Unveiling Gen Z’s Workplace Sentiments: Insights from’s Survey presents a comprehensive survey report delving into the attitudes of Gen Z workers towards their jobs. With insights gathered from 518 respondents in March, the report sheds light on job satisfaction, performance evaluation, and perceptions of bosses and coworkers among Gen Zers.

  1. Job Satisfaction Insights:
    • Explore the spectrum of Gen Z workers’ feelings towards their jobs: 27% “love,” 37% “like,” and 24% “neutral,” while 9% “dislike” and 3% “hate.”
    • Discover the primary reasons for job dissatisfaction, including poor work-life balance, dissatisfaction with hours, and lack of passion for the job.
  2. Industry Variations:
    • Uncover distinctions in job satisfaction across industries, with 72% satisfaction reported in business or STEM sectors compared to 50% in customer service, retail, and service industries.
    • Explore the correlation between income levels and job satisfaction, highlighting the impact of financial stability on workplace contentment.
  3. Performance and Workplace Dynamics:
    • Assess Gen Zers’ self-perception of job performance, with 81% rating it as “excellent” or “good.”
    • Examine sentiments towards bosses and coworkers, with 53% expressing positivity towards bosses and 60% towards coworkers.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with Pollfish, provides valuable insights into Gen Z’s workplace experiences. Contrary to stereotypes, the majority of Gen Zers exhibit positive sentiments towards their jobs, with implications for employer-employee relations and organizational dynamics.

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