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Vensure Employer Solutions Announces Acquisition and Strategic Division Partnership with Ault International Medical Management

Vensure Employer Solutions, a leading provider of HR/HCM technology, managed services, and global business process outsourcing, today announced the acquisition of Columbus, Ohio-based Ault International Medical Management (AIMM), the company’s 70th acquisition in six years.

Founded in 2003, AIMM provides independent medical management for self-funded major medical health plans. Their innovative approach uses evidence-based, best-in-class clinical criteria and standards to empower health benefits consumers.

“Through our ongoing partnership with AIMM over recent years, they have consistently upheld the quality standards for several of our critical medical plans, benefiting both our internal operations and our clients,” stated Alex Campos, CEO of Vensure Employer Solutions. “With the completion of this acquisition, we are reinforcing our continued commitment to improve the lives and operations of our global clientele,” he said.

“Increasing patient knowledge and improving levels of care will remain at the core of what AIMM does for its clients,” added Deborah Ault, Founder and President of Ault International Medical Management. “After years of contract partnership with Vensure, we’re excited about the new possibilities that the acquisition will bring to our existing teams and clients.”

AIMM builds medical management programs to the unique specifications of each individual group based on their culture, population, goals, objectives, and budget. With fully integrated services that are patient-centric, comprehensive, and holistic, AIMM will play a primary role in the expansion of Vensure’s growing list of customer solutions.