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Visier Launches Vee, its Generative AI-Based Assistant, to Democratize People Insights Across Organizations

Visier, a leading provider of people analytics and workforce solutions, has launched Vee, its generative AI-based assistant, to provide instant workforce insights for organizations. This innovation aims to democratize people insights across all levels of an organization, from HR leaders to frontline managers.

Visier’s Generative AI-Based Assistant, Vee:
Vee is designed to answer workforce-specific questions securely and accurately, making people insights accessible to everyone in the organization.

  • Features and Benefits:
    • Instant answers to workforce-specific questions.
    • Democratizes people insights across the organization.
    • Foundation for Visier’s Embedded generative AI offering for peopletech SaaS vendors.

Visier’s Advancement in Generative AI:
Visier’s rapid advancements in generative AI are anchored in a domain-specific data model and a robust security architecture.

  • Unmatched Advantage:
    • Domain-specific data model built on 25 million anonymized employee records.
    • More than 2,000 business metrics and 250 million benchmarks.
    • Robust security architecture developed over a decade.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback:

  1. Ryan Wong, co-founder and CEO, Visier:
    • Emphasizes the transformative impact of generative AI on HR and people management.
  2. Josh Bersin, HR Industry Analyst:
    • Highlights Vee as a spectacular example of generative AI in HR.
  3. Ellen Gentile, HR Analytics Manager at Ascension:
    • Describes Vee as a bridge between questioning and understanding, enhancing data comprehension.
  4. Sameet Raut, Vice President, HRIS, Sunstate Equipment:
    • Recognizes Vee as a game-changer, making people insights accessible to frontline managers.

Integration with Microsoft and Paycor:

  1. Microsoft Integration:
    • Vee integrates with Microsoft Azure Service and Microsoft Teams for seamless user experience.
  2. Paycor Partnership:
    • Visier’s partnership with Paycor brings Vee’s generative AI capabilities to its customers, enhancing people analytics.

Visier’s launch of Vee marks a significant milestone in democratizing people insights across organizations. With its breakthrough in generative AI, robust data model, and integrations with Microsoft and Paycor, Vee is set to redefine workforce management and empower organizations to make informed decisions about their people.