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Workday and Randstad Expand Partnership to Enhance Talent Management Solutions

Workday, Inc., a leading provider of solutions for organizational management, strengthens its partnership with Randstad, the world’s leading talent company. The expansion entails deploying Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management across 39 markets, alongside mutual efforts to enhance talent management solutions.

  1. Enhanced Partnership for Transformation:
    • Carl Eschenbach, CEO of Workday, expresses anticipation for expanding the partnership with Randstad to support its transformation goals.
    • The collaboration aims to leverage Workday’s platform alongside Randstad’s global talent expertise to empower customers in unlocking their talent potential and thriving amidst rapid change.
  2. Streamlined HR and Finance Systems:
    • Randstad’s decision to deploy Workday Financial Management and Workday HCM underscores its commitment to transforming and streamlining HR and finance systems.
    • The adoption of Workday’s AI-driven platform aligns with Randstad’s vision of becoming the most equitable and specialized talent company, driving efficiencies and scale across its global operations.
  3. Future Collaboration Opportunities:
    • Randstad’s managed service provider (MSP) business segment attains Platinum Workday MSP partner certification, solidifying its commitment to delivering top-notch talent solutions.
    • Workday and Randstad explore future collaboration opportunities to address additional human resources implementation capabilities and tackle diverse talent challenges faced by customers.

The expanded partnership between Workday and Randstad signifies a strategic alliance aimed at empowering organizations to optimize talent management processes and overcome workforce complexities. By leveraging Workday’s innovative technology and Randstad’s global talent expertise, customers can navigate change effectively and drive business success in a competitive market landscape.