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Tuesdays with Trailblazers ft. Laura Leatherman, Chief of Staff, Moveworks

In this immersive video podcast, Laura Leatherman, Chief of Staff of Moveworks, takes us through her role at the company and how Moveworks is revolutionizing workplace automation and boosting employee productivity with its groundbreaking generative AI platform.

Laura Leatherman is the Chief of Staff of Moveworks. She works closely with the leadership team to drive efficiency and success for the business. Laura has a broad spectrum of responsibilities between people, culture, operations, and go-to-market based on current business priorities. Prior to joining Moveworks in 2020, Laura worked in HR, operations, and executive support at high-growth start-ups.
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The Moveworks generative AI platform boosts employee productivity by surfacing information and automating tasks through natural language.
Moveworks gives enterprises a conversational interface that works across every system — from Microsoft to Workday to Salesforce. Powered by GPT-class machine learning models, the Moveworks platform learns the unique language of your organization to solve thousands of use cases.
Brands like Databricks, Broadcom, DocuSign, and Palo Alto Networks leverage Moveworks’ proprietary enterprise data, out-of-the-box solutions, and intuitive developer tools to bring conversational automation to all aspects of their business.
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Neha M Bhhatia is a B2B leader and marketing strategist known for crafting compelling brand voices and dynamic marketing strategies. With a wealth of experience in brand awareness, strategy, and creating impactful marketing plans, Neha inspires target audiences through content marketing and powerful campaigns.Her expertise in understanding human behavior, demand generation, and campaign optimization, along with her knack for turning data into actionable insights, sets her apart in the industry. She is technology-savvy, effortlessly bridging the gap between conventional and unconventional in pursuing marketing excellence. Her ongoing influence on the marketing landscape solidifies her as an invaluable asset for B2B brands striving to leave a lasting impact.More about Neha M Bhhatia:

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