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Edge Introduces Flexible Employee Rewards for Franchise & Service Brands

A first for service businesses, Edge’s employee-driven growth solutions bridge a crucial gap between motivating frontline employees and driving business growth with integrated & flexible rewards.

Edge, the leading employee driven growth platform unveiled an innovative employee rewards & recognition solution for franchise and service brands. For employees to really feel valued at work and deliver an exceptional customer experience, Edge’s automated growth solutions ensure your team is continuously recognized with flexible incentives that matter to your employees.

Gallup reported that just 32% of people felt engaged in their jobs and service employees are increasingly dissatisfied with traditional rewards that make them feel underappreciated. Achievers Workforce Institute found that a staggering 79% of employees would rather stay in a job where they feel valued, underscoring the need for employee retention.

Unlike traditional employee rewards, the Edge platform incentivizes employees for generating online review mentions, engaging in sales contests, collecting SMS-based customer feedback and more. “Service employees strive to deliver memorable customer experiences, yet there isn’t a streamlined way to recognize them for their efforts. Edge enables flexible and personalized employee incentives that ignite excitement within the team, continually encouraging them to deliver exceptional service”, said Raymond Weisberg, CEO and cofounder of Edge.

For franchise and service brands, the Edge platform enables industry-leading ROI with flexible employee rewards like time-off, gift cards, store credit and more. “Our new location has received over 500 five-star Google reviews, and Edge helped make that happen. Our employees earned hundreds of dollars in review mention incentives tracked by Edge”, said Lucas Atallah, Director of Operations at Bloomery. “Edge is a great partner for our growing business.”

For frontline employees, an integrated incentive program creates a fair system where valuable work is continuously recognized and rewarded. Employees can easily find new ways to earn more and redeem their rewards in the Edge employee mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Since 2019, motivated frontline employees on the Edge platform earned over $5 million in rewards and helped service brands create memorable experiences for over 80 million customers.

With Edge, business owners bridge a crucial gap between building employee engagement and driving business growth with integrated and flexible employee rewards. A pioneer of employee-driven growth, Edge offers thousands of businesses a measurably more engaged workforce, loyal customers, and sales growth.