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LGI Healthcare Solutions Partners with Cegid for Integrated HR Solutions

LGI Healthcare Solutions, a leading Canadian healthcare IT provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Cegid, a cloud business management solutions leader. This collaboration aims to offer a fully integrated solution for payroll, scheduling, and talent management, catering to the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Subtopics and Pointers:

  1. Strategic Partnership Overview
    • LGI Healthcare Solutions partners with Cegid for integrated HR solutions.
    • Combined strengths in payroll, scheduling, and talent management.
  2. Integration Benefits
    • Streamlines processes and improves efficiency.
    • Empowers users with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
  3. LGI’s Commitment to Innovation
    • Focus on providing innovative solutions exceeding customer expectations.
    • Collaboration with Cegid as a significant step towards delivering value.
  4. Quote from LGI’s President and CEO
    • Michel Desgagné emphasizes the partnership’s value and commitment to customers.
    • Unlocking new possibilities and supporting success in a competitive market.
  5. Cegid’s Vision for the Partnership
    • Marc-André Nataf highlights the partnership’s innovative approach.
    • Providing technologies to address strategic HR challenges in healthcare.

The partnership between LGI Healthcare Solutions and Cegid represents a significant advancement in integrated HR solutions for healthcare facilities. By combining LGI’s expertise in payroll and scheduling with Cegid’s talent management capabilities, the collaboration aims to enhance efficiency and user experience. Both companies are committed to innovation and supporting healthcare professionals in addressing strategic HR challenges.