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Actalent Achieves Best-in-Class Net Promoter Scores from Consultants and Clients

Consultant-first strategy and new experience program leads to continued NPS improvement

Actalent, a global leader in engineering and sciences services and talent solutions, today announced that it has earned best-in-class Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 51.1 percent from its consultants and 55.7 percent from its clients. Global NPS standards categorize scores above 50 percent as “excellent.” The score is based on survey responses from more than 13,000 Actalent consultants and more than 500 clients in 2022. It marks the company’s second consecutive year of continuous NPS improvement.

The research was conducted by ClearlyRated, a leading provider of NPS-based satisfaction survey tools and expertise for professional services firms. ClearlyRated asked consultants and clients to rate whether they would recommend Actalent to a friend or colleague using a scale of 0-10. Survey takers were considered promoters if they responded with a score of 9 or 10, and detractors if they left a score of 6 or less. An NPS score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

“Having sat front row to more than 300 customer experience programs in the recruiting and consulting space, I have never seen such a quick operationalization of service measurement and excellence than what I’ve seen in the past two years at Actalent,” said Eric Gregg, founder and CEO of ClearlyRated. “It’s impressive how swiftly the delivery of remarkable experiences to clients and consultants has become a cornerstone of the Actalent culture. When it comes to differentiating service, Actalent’s playbook is the best I’ve seen. The company has leveraged the operational and market value of its consultant-first mindset to accelerate business performance in an astonishing way.”

“It’s significant that satisfaction and loyalty among both our consultants and clients have grown,” said Gina Gauna, director of consultant experience at Actalent. “Prioritizing our consultants’ wants and needs mean our clients get access to highly engaged, driven STEM talent—giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. I’m thrilled to see that our investment in the consultant experience is clearly paying off.”

In 2022, Actalent changed the frequency and cadence of consultant surveys from biannually to focusing on crucial points in consultant tenure, such as onboarding and offboarding from assignments, and check-ins after 90, 180, and 365 days. In addition, Actalent recruiters provide personal monthly check-ins, creating multiple opportunities for feedback and support. Actalent scored particularly high on advocacy, onboarding, and personal connection.

“A core reason Actalent launched as a specialized engineering and sciences company in 2021 was because of the unique needs of consultants in these spaces,” said Gauna. “Our pivot to more frequent surveying was strategic and meant to uncover deeper insights into the consultant experience and extend our organization’s broader culture of care to our consultants. Their feedback has informed every aspect of our consultant experience program. As we gather and analyze these survey findings on an ongoing basis, we’ll further refine our approach toward improving the consultant experience in 2023, and beyond.”