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ActivTrak’s New Calendar Integration Feature Fills Non-Digital Gap in Workforce Analytics Data

Complete view of digital and non-digital meeting activity addresses blind spots created by hybrid work

ActivTrak today announced a new calendar integration feature that offers visibility into both online and offline meeting activity. The new feature gives managers a more complete view of productivity for remote, in-office and hybrid employees by measuring digital and non-digital meeting activity across the workday.

In a recent study, researchers found professionals spend over one-third of their working hours in meetings. The study also found that for companies of 100 people, cutting unnecessary meetings could save nearly $2.5M each year, and for companies of 5,000 that savings rises to more than $100M.

Until now, digital workforce analytics tools could not accurately capture the time spent in face-to-face meetings, adding to the complexity of understanding where people are most productive. As companies consider a return to the office, four-day work weeks and hybrid workforce policies, leaders need detailed insights into offline and online meeting activity to make more informed workforce decisions.

ActivTrak’s new calendar integration feature automatically gathers meeting data from employee calendars to show how they divide their time between online and offline work. Combining meeting and location data provides further impact analysis on where productive meetings happen.

Calendar integration features can be used to:

  • Differentiate between breaks and offline meetings
  • See breakdowns by team and individual employees
  • Compare total work hours by location (office, remote and hybrid)
  • Validate self-reported work hours against actual hours worked
  • Determine if office work leads to more collaboration and team-building
  • Assess compliance with workplace policies (e.g. employees expected to be in the office three days a week)
  • Evaluate office space requirements and the ROI of real estate investments

“Offline meetings create a significant blind spot in understanding how employees work across teams and locations,” said Javier Aldrete, senior vice president of product, ActivTrak. “We can now give businesses highly accurate and complete visibility into how employees spend their time, and how that time translates to productivity and performance. As the cost of unnecessary meetings climbs into the millions each year, ActivTrak can help teams ensure they spend time in the right places, doing the right things.”