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Adtelligent Inc recognised as ‘The America’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023’ by Financial Times

The esteemed Financial Times list Adtelligent, emphasizing an impressive 2,998% Year-Over-Year Growth in the Flourishing advertising technology sector

Adtelligent Inc, the forward-thinking advertising technology company specializing in creating and implementing innovative programmatic solutions for publishers in America, has been ranked No. 21 in the annual Financial Times and Statista The America’s Fastest Growing Companies 2023 list.

The Financial Times and Statista ranking follows a strict criterion for being recognized as America’s Fastest Growing Company. Only the independent entities with a revenue of at least $100,000 generated in 2018 and at least $1.5m generated in 2021 were considered this year. The organic revenue growth between 2018 and 2021 of over 7,000 public companies headquartered in both Americas was examined to make this list.

“We are truly honored to see Adtelligent recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing companies by the Financial Times through this ranking list. This achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of our incredible team and underscores our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge, customized solutions to publishers in the advertising technology space. As we continue to innovate and grow, we remain focused on fostering publisher independence and empowering our clients to maximize their revenue potential.” said Denys Tymchyk, CEO and co-founder of Adtelligent.

With Adtelligent’s advertising technologies and solutions, the content monetization and marketing strategies of their clients become truly effective and profitable. Adtelligent partners with adtech industry leaders, telecom operators, and other players to provide clients with leading-edge solutions for creating powerful strategies to solve problems of any complexity.

The company was also rewarded with Inc.’s Best In Business as a testament to Adtelligent’s influential presence in the advertising technology industry and its substantial contributions to shaping the future of ad monetization and supply-path optimization.