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Airspeed Launches Coffee Talk: A Free & AI-Powered Alternative to Donut for Virtual Employee Meetups

Leverages generative AI technology to create better matches and richer conversations

Airspeed, an innovative platform focused on connecting and celebrating employees to drive engagement and performance, today announced the launch of their AI-powered Slack app, Coffee Talk, as a smarter alternative to Donut. Coffee Talk intentionally connects you with colleagues for meaningful virtual coffee meetups. This launch comes on the heels of Airspeed’s Seed Funding.

In recent years, the workplace has undergone a remarkable transformation as companies embraced dispersed teams, enabling employees to work remotely or follow a flexible hybrid schedule. While the pros of this flexibility are plentiful, it also has resulted in less personal connections in the workplace. But, the authentic relationships we create with co-workers are vital and have been proven to make us more productive, seven times more engaged, and increase happiness as much as a $100k raise.

“Donut served as a great starting place for a lot of companies during the pandemic. With Coffee Talk, we’re taking it to the next level,” said Doug Camplejohn, CEO and Founder of Airspeed. “Instead of random matches without meaningful conversation starters, Coffee Talk leverages artificial intelligence to support the remote and hybrid workplace of the future.”

Airspeed’s Coffee Talk facilitates more personal and meaningful meetups through its scheduling assistant, Ava. Key features include:

  • Intentional matching: Utilizes AI to suggest the most meaningful matches based on your Coffee Talk profile and interests, instead of just serving you random matches.
  • Smart Conversation Starters: Coffee Talk provides personalized, AI-generated conversation starters to facilitate meaningful conversation and avoid awkward silences.
  • Full control: You have a say in who you connect with and how frequently. Easily let Coffee Talk know who you’re most interested in talking with, such as people you don’t usually interact with at work.
  • Easy Scheduling: Chats are easy to schedule with Coffee Talk’s scheduling assistant – simply connect your calendar and Ava will help find you the best time to meet within working hours.
  • Matches that get smarter: Whether your match made your laugh or taught you something new, you can easily share that with Coffee Talk, which uses this feedback and AI to influence future matches.