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AllianceHCM Integrates with Experian Employer Services to Streamline Employment and Income Verification Fulfillment for Clients

AllianceHCM, one of the nation’s largest privately-held human capital management (HCM) software providers, announced today an expanded relationship with Experian® Employer Services (EES) for verifications fulfillment of employment and income requests for their clients through Experian Verify™. By leveraging EES’ capabilities, this fulfillment service can reduce friction for employers and consumers by providing verifiers with approved instant access to verified employer payroll records

EES’ service supports employees with a fast and secure verification fulfillment process for important financial transactions like purchasing a home or vehicle. With consumer consent, third-party requests for income and employment information are fulfilled in real time via Experian Verify™ to enable faster decisions. This streamlined process frees HR, payroll and finance teams to better focus on the needs of their employees and businesses without the workload of manually responding to verification requests.

“We are thrilled to expand our work with Experian Employer Services and offer this innovative service to our clients,” said Brad Dewey, Chief Product Officer of AllianceHCM. “This partnership helps eliminate delays for employees if they’re doing things like purchasing cars or signing a new lease, and HR professionals won’t get bogged down with verifications. We’re offering our clients an efficient way to handle verifications by streamlining the whole process.”

“Experian Verify is designed to improve borrowing experiences for consumers and reduce the burdens placed on HR teams all while ensuring lenders have access to verified income and employment information to make more informed decisions in real-time,” said Merideth Wilson, executive vice president and general manager of Experian Employer Services. “We are excited to work with AllianceHCM to ensure even more employees, lenders and employers can benefit from this service.”

EES is an affiliate of Experian Information Solutions, Inc.