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Asure Introduces Comprehensive 401(k) Solutions Tailored for Small Businesses

Asure Software , an established provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (“HCM”) software solutions, today announced the launch of its comprehensive 401(k) solutions, specifically designed to empower small businesses and their employees’ financial futures. This strategic move not only enhances Asure’s benefits package but also solidifies its commitment to fostering financial well-being for its clients.

Key Highlights of Asure’s 401(k) Solutions:

  1. Attract and Retain Talent: Offering a 401(k) plan makes businesses more competitive, aiding in talent acquisition and retention.
  2. Tax Advantages: Both businesses and their employees can reap tax benefits related to 401(k) contributions.
  3. Flexible and Customizable: Asure offers tailored 401(k) options that fit individual company needs and budgets.
  4. Seamless Integration with Payroll: The 401(k) plan integrates effortlessly with Asure’s existing payroll system, simplifying administration.
  5. Expert Compliance Support: Asure’s deep expertise ensures businesses navigate complex regulations and remain fully compliant.

“At Asure, we see offering a 401(k) plan as more than just a benefit. It’s a commitment to our clients’ financial well-being and a strategic move for their businesses,” said Pat Goepel, Chairman and CEO of Asure. “With our expert guidance, seamless integration, and continuous support, implementing a 401(k) has never been more advantageous.”

Furthermore, with the recent passing of the Secure Act 2.0, eligible small businesses can now claim up to 100% of the start-up administration expenses. Asure is dedicated to assisting businesses in leveraging these tax credits, making the 401(k) offering even more affordable.

Why Asure Stands Out:

  • Seamless Integration: Asure’s 401(k) solutions integrate smoothly with existing payroll systems.
  • Expert Guidance: Businesses benefit from personalized consultation and support, ensuring alignment with their objectives.
  • Customized Solutions: Asure offers a range of investment options, allowing businesses to match their company culture and needs.
  • Compliance Assurance: Asure’s expert team manages all legal and regulatory aspects of the 401(k) plan.