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Asymbl and Isimio Partner to Transform Workforce Scheduling Solutions

Asymbl, Inc., a leading provider of business-process-specific applications for corporate recruiting and the global staffing industry, announces a strategic partnership with Kruvi Solutions Ltd., a renowned provider of advanced workforce scheduling solutions. This collaboration aims to deliver integrated and innovative solutions that revolutionize workforce schedule management and optimize operations for organizations.

Kruvi Solutions Ltd. offers a comprehensive suite of advanced scheduling tools that empower businesses to streamline their workforce management processes with their Isimio product. With features such as intelligent shift allocation, real-time schedule updates, and a powerful time interpretation engine, Isimio enables organizations to enhance productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce scheduling conflicts.

The partnership between Asymbl, Inc. and Kruvi Solutions Ltd. demonstrates their shared commitment to providing exceptional value and cutting-edge technology to their clients. By integrating Isimio’s workforce scheduling solutions with Asymbl’s business-process-specific applications on the Salesforce Platform, the partnership aims to deliver a holistic solution tailored to the unique needs of both corporate recruiting and staffing organizations.

“We are excited to join forces with Kruvi Solutions Ltd. in our shared mission to revolutionize staffing, recruiting, and workforce management,” said¬†Brandon Metcalf, CEO & Founder of Asymbl, Inc. “By incorporating Isimio’s advanced scheduling tools into our robust recruiter workflow applications built on the Salesforce Platform, we empower our clients to optimize scheduling processes, increase efficiency, and create a seamless talent experience.”

Through this partnership, Asymbl’s clients will easily access Isimio’s powerful scheduling functionalities within their existing workflows. Organizations will benefit from a unified ecosystem that combines comprehensive staffing and recruitment solutions with advanced workforce scheduling capabilities, all within a seamless platform.

“We are delighted to partner with Asymbl to redefine workforce scheduling for organizations,” said Amnon Kruvi, Director of Kruvi Solutions Ltd. “By combining Isimio’s expertise in workforce scheduling with Asymbl’s industry-leading business-process-specific applications, we are confident in our ability to deliver an integrated solution that revolutionizes scheduling efficiency and drives optimal workforce utilization for our clients.”

Both Asymbl, Inc. and Kruvi Solutions Ltd. are committed to supporting their clients’ digital transformation journeys. The partnership marks a significant milestone in providing organizations with the necessary tools to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape, particularly in the realm of workforce scheduling.