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Automation Anywhere Ranks 14th On Newsweek’s List Of The Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces For 2023

Continuing to Climb in Newsweek’s Annual Listing, Automation Anywhere Ranks 14 Among 100 U.S. Companies Recognized for Outstanding Employee Sentiment and Satisfaction

Newsweek announced their annual rankings for the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® list, and Automation Anyhwhere ranked 14. The 2023 Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® are the result of a collaboration with the Best Practice Institute (BPI), a leadership development and benchmark research company.

The results were determined after surveying more than 1.4 million employees from businesses with workforces varying in size from 50 to more than 10,000. The list recognizes companies that have created a workplace where employees feel respected, inspired, and appreciated and are at the center of the business model.

“At the core of Automation Anywhere is our dedicated and exceptional team, whom we owe this incredible honor as one the most-loved workplaces,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO, and Co-founder of Automation Anywhere. “We are deeply appreciative of their dedication to our culture and vision, as we continuously strive to advance AI and automation technology to drive to fuel the future of work by unleashing human potential.”

The key areas included in the analysis are based on how well companies demonstrate the areas within the Spark Model as defined by BPI, including Systemic Collaboration, Positive Vision of the Future, Alignment of values, Respect, and Killer Achievement. How engaged employees are, how positive they feel about their workplace, and how committed they are to the organization’s success were all identified and analyzed to identify the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces.

“With the dynamic workforce and competition for top talent, more companies are recognizing the importance of employee engagement and commitment”, said Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, Newsweek. “The workplaces that have demonstrated a commitment to their employees in 2023 are more likely to attract top talent and deliver strong business outcomes.”

“Attracting and retaining top talent continues to be a challenge and top priority of executive leadership” said Louis Carter, CEO, Best Practice Institute. “The companies on this list have committed to listening intently to their employees and then creating a better workplace where employees love to come to work.”