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AvePoint Announces Confidence Platform Updates to Enhance Digital Workplace Capabilities

New AvePoint Confidence Platform updates power digital transformation in the workplace, from data migration to cloud adoption

AvePoint , the most advanced platform to optimize SaaS operations and secure collaboration, today announced enhancements across the AvePoint Confidence Platform which power digital workplace enablement at every stage including cloud migration, workforce enablement and cloud adoption. As more organizations seek to improve the digital employee experience, AvePoint’s new capabilities modernize data, upskill workforces and measure transformation efforts.

According to Forrester, 60 percent of businesses and technology professionals believe improving employee experience extends beyond an HR priority and is a key IT objective over the next 12 months. Additionally, Gartner research indicates digital employee experience as critical to digital workplace transformation efforts for infrastructure and operations professionals.

“Digital workplace transformation can be complex, but when done effectively creates alignment and confidence across the organization,” said John Peluso, Chief Product Officer, AvePoint. “Today, organizations should invest in every aspect of the employee experience from migration and training to measuring these efforts to ensure adoption. Our holistic approach to digital workplace enablement empowers digital transformation leaders to modernize their organizations’ data, skills and collaboration in a way that puts their people at the center.”

Today, the AvePoint Confidence Platform supports digital workplace enablement in the following ways:

  • Modernize Data: Fly, which expedites data migration from on-premises to cloud platforms like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce and between cloud platforms, now provides Power Platform migrations for Power Apps and Power Automate, and automatically modernizes on-prem workflows by converting them to Power Automate, to increase efficiency and time to value for organizations. Now, as part of AvePoint’s commitment to providing granular support across SaaS platforms, organizations can specify policies for Teams and Groups migrations, and migrate from Gmail to Exchange Online.
  • Upskill Workforce: Curricula, which now has a dedicated iPhone app for mobile learning, and Microsoft 365 Training Content, equip employees with the training and development they need to thrive and power innovation, with personalized learning searches, goals and achievements. New advanced reporting capabilities for educators and administrators, and the integration of Combined Knowledge into Curricula has expanded AvePoint capabilities, helps to put digital dexterity at the forefront of organizations worldwide. As validation for its efforts, AvePoint won Microsoft Singapore Partner of the Year, Education Industry award and achieved finalist status for the Learning Impact Awards.
  • Measure Transformation: tyGraph, which won the HR Tech awards, adds robust analytics capabilities to unveil employee engagement and collaboration insights so organizations can accelerate their digital agendas and demonstrate ROI post-implementation. With tyGraph Calling, organizations now have access to insights on how their teams optimize meetings and calls and identify potential cost and time optimization.

With AvePoint, organizations like Kingston University, are modernizing their data with a 400 TB full fidelity migration, upskilling their 20,000 staff, students and faculty on Microsoft 365, and measuring the impact of digital transformation.

“The growth of agile working has made clear how many varied places there were to store files, ways to share information, and collaborate digitally,” said Steve Britton, Head of IT, Kingston University. “This was confusing to our staff and students initially, but as our trusted partner every step of the way, AvePoint executed our multi-faceted migration plan to Microsoft 365 and empowered our people to adopt new ways of working through comprehensive training and support.”