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Aware Unveils Aware IQ, the AI-Powered Contextual Intelligence Platform

The world’s most iconic brands use Aware IQ to protect the bottom-line, power top-line growth, and harness the knowledge of employees.

Today, Aware announced the launch of Aware IQ, an artificial intelligence data platform, purpose-built to understand the unique human context of workplace conversations at scale. Customers using Aware IQ and its portfolio of applications gain real-time visibility into every aspect of their business, including the risks and opportunities that they were previously unaware of.

Every business is human, and it sends signals. Employees spend approximately 50% of their day using collaboration platforms such as Slack, Teams, and Zoom, sending over 18 trillion messages in 2022. Aware customers unlock insights from that collaboration data to understand employee needs, which have often been ignored, misunderstood, or only partially captured through ineffective, outdated surveys.

The world’s most valuable brands recognize that a differentiated customer experience begins with the employee. Companies must now deliver a compelling employee experience to grow and sustain a profitable, world-class brand. According to the Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report, companies with an engaged workforce are 21% more profitable.

Scaling Human-Centered Intelligence across the enterprise
Aware IQ’s groundbreaking interpretive natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) models enable companies to utilize secure, personalized predictive, and generative AI models. These models identify patterns of behavior and risk, generating contextual intelligence for executives to manage governance, risk, compliance, security, legal, and HR requirements associated with workplace communication data.

“Six years ago, we set out to build the most accurate, state-of-the-art AI data platform to help brands understand and empower their most valuable asset their people,” said Jeff Schumann, co-founder and CEO of Aware. “Today, we’re proud to say that Aware is used by the world’s most innovative brands to power the employee experience, validating our investment and approach to artificial intelligence. We’re excited to help even more companies realize the unimaginable benefits derived from building an engaged, empowered workforce.”

Aware uses a variety of techniques to analyze heterogenous digital conversations, including NLP and CV neural network modeling models trained by a diverse, in-house data science team with the express purpose of interpreting the myriad ways communication occurs in the modern workplace.

This allows Aware to identify individual and organizational patterns of behavior in the context of modern communication. That context is often missed by legacy software and traditional surveys. Aware’s models are trained on a proprietary dataset of tens of millions of conversations, which results in more accurate and representative insights than generic datasets. Additionally, Aware’s models are refreshed frequently to ensure accuracy and relevance, which is critical to gaining valuable insight in quickly changing workplaces. This approach has resulted in Aware’s models being two times more accurate than other leading solutions.

“At Aware, we take a proactive approach to responsible AI. Our rigorous approach to AI model development includes obtaining a representative and unbiased sample of digital workplace communication, cleaning and anonymizing the content, as appropriate, to further debias the data; selecting and applying the appropriate ML model; and using industry-standard, out-of-sample performance testing to gauge accuracy of the resultant model,” said Jason Morgan, PhD., VP, Behavioral Intelligence. “The result of this approach are the industry’s most accurate, targeted models, providing representative, transparent and trustworthy insight into the employees’ workplace experience.”