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Beyond Borders: “Unlocking Hybrid Workforce Success” Event Announced by Kasm Technologies

Kasm Technologies will be joined by Oracle, IGEL, XenTegra-GOV, Lenovo, NVIDIA and Liquidware for the “Beyond Borders: Unlocking Hybrid Workforce Success” event at the South Beach Yacht Club in San Francisco on June 22nd.

Dive into the realm of hybrid workforce success at “Beyond Borders”. This groundbreaking event brings together industry leaders and experts from Kasm, Broadwing, Oracle, IGEL, XenTegra-GOV, Lenovo, NVIDIA and Liquidware to share real-world insights, strategies, and technologies driving the future of digital workspaces.

We will be discovering the latest trends, uncovering best practices, and getting our hands on cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the way we collaborate. This event will conclude by experiencing the power of Oracle Suite at the Giants Game as they take on the San Diego Padres. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, forge meaningful connections, and shape the future of workspace technologies.

The agenda for the event includes:

  • Jaymes Davis – CPO – Kasm Technologies
    • Unleashing Potential: The Hybrid Work Revolution
  • Pavla Selepova – COO – Broadwing & CEO – Virtual Works Coop
    • Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace of the Future
  • Jed Ayers – CEO – IGEL
    • Innovate. Collaborate. Succeed.
  • Harvey Green – CEO – XenTegra-GOV
    • Converging Technologies, Empowering Teams
  • Giants vs Padres Baseball Game
    • The Oracle Suite provided by Oracle

Registration is available at:

“At Kasm, we are passionate about creating technologies that will power the future of work,” stated Jaymes Davis, Chief Product Officer at Kasm. “The Beyond Borders event will showcase the thought leaders and cutting-edge solutions that are powering the next generation of always connected workspaces.”

This event is complemented by the Kasm Technologies partnership with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to offer Workspaces for Oracle, a new Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) and Digital Productivity Workspace solution. This innovative offering combines the benefits of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure, allowing enterprises to create cloud-based remote work solutions on-demand and at a global scale.