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Blanchard Announces Release of Propel by Blanchard™

A capability academy for leadership development

Blanchard®, a global pioneer in leadership development, consulting, and coaching for more than 40 years, announced today the official release of Propel by Blanchard™. As Blanchard’s leadership capability academy, Propel brings proven, research-based, and life-changing leadership development to everyone, for an annual membership fee of $1,295, which makes it accessible to individuals, teams and organizations of all sizes. With a Propel membership, leaders and organizations build vital and indispensable leadership skills at scale.

Ideal for individuals, teams, and organizations, members have unlimited access to small-cohort, live virtual courses; live events with leadership experts, authors, and coaches; access to a library of digital tools and learning resources; and the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive community that can learn from and with each other.

“For so long, leadership development has been for the few and the chosen. We knew that individuals, teams, and smaller organizations lacked the access and opportunities that larger companies have, yet they have the same needs: to build leaders who can engage their people, unlocking their full power and potential. Propel addresses that by offering a place where people can advance their leadership skills—with premium Blanchard content, courses with humans, coaches and experts, and even tools to support wellbeing and self-awareness,” says Britney Cole, Vice President of Innovation and Head of the Blanchard Innovation Lab and Experience Center.

Propel members will enjoy the freedom to curate personalized development journeys based on individual goals, interests, and preferences. Best of all, they engage in dynamic, human-powered live expert-led leadership courses and interact with others in a premier online learning community, navigating today’s leadership challenges and becoming unstoppable forces for the greater good.