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Blanchard Announces Release of SLII® Collaborative Online Course

Organization provides the ability to enhance leadership skills at scale for any size organization

Blanchard, a global pioneer in leadership development, consulting, and coaching for more than 40 years, announced the award-winning SLII® program is now available as a 5-week collaborative online course. Delivered on the Intrepid platform, it engages learners with self-study exercises and live virtual instructor-led sessions to build critical leadership skills.

SLII® is one of the most effective leadership development programs in the world; this new format allows companies of any size or individuals to scale the training across time zones and varying work schedules. SLII® Online recently won the Intrepid Momentum Award for Best Overall Course.

“We consider this the white-glove experience for cohort-based online leadership development because we manage the entire process,” said April Hennessey, Director of Innovation at Blanchard. “For companies that are geographically dispersed or challenged by taking people out of the work environment for training, this course offers a way for them to provide development opportunities to their entire organization. Additionally, spacing the learning over a period of time results in higher retention of the content with time built in to apply learned skills back on the job.”

“The course can be customized with content and company logos, so learners get a personalized learning experience to fit the corporate culture. We’ve found that integrating it with a section on corporate values adds a deeper level of understanding of the significant role that leadership plays in the success of a company,” said Scott Blanchard, President of Blanchard.