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Blockchain Employment Platform Opolis Raises $6.6M in Bridge Round

The round was led by Greenfield, with supporting investment from the NEAR Foundation, Draper Associates, and Polygon Ventures

Opolis, a member-owned platform that uses blockchain to provide employment infrastructure for independent workers, has secured a bridge fundraising round of $6.6M. The round was led by Berlin-based European crypto investment firm Greenfield, with supporting investment from notable entities including the NEAR Foundation, Draper Associates, and Polygon Ventures.

“At Opolis, we’re creating a radically new workplace structure and empowering independent workers to dream bigger than a traditional 9-to-5 career,” said John Paller, Executive Steward of Opolis. “We’re obsessed with creating the best possible experience for our Members, and thanks to the support of Greenfield and our other aligned investors, we’re now able to dial in our proof of scale for the long game.”

Opolis supplies tools for independent workers to professionalize their businesses, allowing them to secure and manage employment benefits, payroll, and to access shared services like unemployment, disability, and tax compliance.

“Opolis represents a new paradigm for employment: regenerative (ReGen) employment. One where mutualistic outcomes prevail for workers and the clients, communities or projects they serve,” said Felix Machart, Partner at Greenfield. “We believe the team is best suited to accomplish its mission to build the future of work: John Paller, with over 20 years experience in HR tech and founder of ETHDenver along with his colleague Eddie Pastore, a seasoned professional in the payroll industry. Hence, we are very excited to support Opolis on this journey.”

The funds raised will be used to scale the business and implement a more frictionless user experience. The roadmap for feature enhancements focuses on improved information accessibility, specifically accounting data, tax reporting details, and health insurance information.

“Opolis stands at the nexus between the evolution of work and next generation technologies,” added Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates. “With millions of workers exiting the ‘traditional office,’ Opolis fills the need for a platform that serves these workers with amazing services that historically were only available to workers in the old economy.”

Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation, said, “Opolis is using web3 technology to provide much needed solutions for a changing workforce that is increasingly characterized by fractionalized, decentralized, and remote work. We are excited to play a part in their journey, and believe that their technology has the potential to deliver real value for millions of workers by democratizing access to career development regardless of geography.”