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Bountiful Launches Groundbreaking Referral-as-a-Service Platform to Activate Hiring Networks

Bountiful seeks to revolutionize recruiting with backing from High Alpha and Acadian Ventures.

Bountiful, a referral-as-a-service platform, is proud to announce its launch out of Venture Studio High Alpha today. The platform revolutionizes how companies hire by activating personal and professional networks to drive quality job candidates and build better and more diverse teams.

Backed by High Alpha and Acadian Ventures, Bountiful is led by CEO and Co-Founder Scott Sinatra, a serial entrepreneur and former senior vice president of worldwide sales at Glassdoor. With deep industry knowledge in HR technology, Sinatra also served as a founding executive and head of go-to-market at Glint, which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2018. He’s joined by Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Nick Kirkes, a former engineering leader with experience building products for world-class technology companies such as Zoom and Salesforce.

“Network effects are powerful, and unlocking them can help companies recruit talent faster,” said Sinatra. “We know that referrals are one of the most efficient sources of quality hires for employers today, but are often complicated to manage and underutilized. We are on a mission to change that. With Bountiful, early customers have gone from 75 days without filling a role to four qualified and diverse finalists in 21 days.”

With Bountiful, companies can activate their internal and external networks to hire qualified candidates faster. By tying bounties or incentives to job opportunities and extending recruiting beyond a company’s four walls, Bountiful provides a seamless solution that enables recruiting to become an engaging, viral campaign. Additionally, it allows users to become Bountiful Scouts and recruit from their own network to earn bounties.

“Bountiful provides an engaging, compelling solution where everyone from hiring managers to referrers to job candidates win,” said Acadian Ventures Founder and General Partner Jason Corsello. “It’s the kind of opportunity that can and will revolutionize how companies recruit.”

As an end-to-end referral management platform, Bountiful also offers robust applicant tracking system integrations to streamline everything from job posting through payment processing while providing visibility for applicants, Scouts, and hiring teams.

“There’s so much talent hidden within our networks just waiting to be tapped,” said High Alpha Managing Partner Scott Dorsey. “We couldn’t be more excited about the incredible co-founding team, the expertise they bring to this space and the massive opportunity to change how every company recruits.”

With early customers like LogicGate, Pillar and PosiGen, Bountiful aims to leverage the power of referrals and rewards to ultimately connect individuals and organizations across industries and foster new opportunities that drive growth and success.

“Finding top-notch candidates quickly has always been a challenge,” said LogicGate Chief People Officer Caroline Werner. “The idea of leveraging referrals and networks to connect our company with exceptional talent is incredibly exciting – it’s exactly what every organization needs.”

Pillar CEO and Co-Founder Mark Simpson added, “As we strive to build a diverse and inclusive company, extending beyond our own networks to uncover quality candidates is critical to the success of our team and our company. Not only does Bountiful help us uncover quality talent that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, but it allows us to hire more quickly and efficiently.”