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BrainStation Launches New Artificial Intelligence Certificate Course

New course offers comprehensive AI technology skills training to prepare workforces for the future.

BrainStation, the global leader in tech skills training, has launched a new course to help professionals develop their skills with artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The breakthrough course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the latest AI technologies and tools such as generative AI and ChatGPT, enabling them to apply this knowledge in a variety of industries and applications.

“Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming many industries, and it’s critical for professionals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to stay ahead of the curve,” said Jason Field, Founder & Co-CEO of BrainStation. “Our new AI course is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of AI and equip them with the practical skills needed to use these tools in their jobs every day.”

With the growing demand for AI professionals in every industry, BrainStation’s new course will equip individuals in all disciplines and at all levels with the necessary tools to stay a step ahead in their roles.

The live, expert instructor-led course will initially be offered online through a blend of lectures, interactive workshops, and hands-on projects. In the coming months, it will be offered in person at BrainStation global campuses including New York, London, and Miami. Participants will learn how to use popular AI frameworks and explore advanced techniques such as deep learning and neural networks.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge AI technologies from industry leaders like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles and concepts.

Through engaging, hands-on exercises and projects, participants will delve into practical applications, including working with ChatGPT, model fine-tuning, generative AI, and prompt engineering. By merging theoretical knowledge with real-world implementation, participants will develop the skills to shape and control the output of AI models, aligning it with their specific needs and goals.

The AI course is open to professionals from all industries and backgrounds, and no prior experience in AI or programming is required.