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Braintrust’s New Professional Network Empowers Worker Upskilling and Career Advancement

The new product enables global talent not only to find high-paying jobs on the Braintrust platform, but to seek and provide 1:1 mentorship

Braintrust, the world’s first and fastest growing Web3 talent marketplace, today announced the launch of The Braintrust Professional Network to empower users to grow their career through connection, support and mentorship from experts outside their existing network. The Professional Network extends the mission of Braintrust to enable professionals to find fulfilling and lucrative job opportunities, regardless of their geographic location.

The Professional Network empowers talent to take ownership of their career path, providing them the opportunity to network with professionals who have faced similar struggles or achieved common goals, breaking down geographical barriers to enable meaningful connection and opportunities for growth.

“Our mission to democratize economic opportunity is rapidly being realized by our global talent community of 310,000 professionals who have earned over $150 million on the platform,” said Adam Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Freelance Labs, one of the creators of Braintrust. “The Professional Network gives talent at any stage in their career not exclusively when they’re looking for work a reason to come to Braintrust.”

The new product offering comes at a time when many companies are on hiring freezes and knowledge workers have an unprecedented demand for skill expansion. Since November of 2022, Braintrust has seen its talent membership grow from 75,000 to over 310,000, largely due to tech layoffs.

Braintrust built the Professional Network with the understanding that while much of the world is moving towards remote and automation, there is a necessity and demand for learning from other people.

“Despite advances in artificial intelligence, it is still people who decide to take a chance on you, advocate for you, and speak on your behalf when you are not at the table. That advocacy impacts the trajectory of your career,” said Elena Luneva, General Manager at Braintrust. “By building the Professional Network, I wanted talent to get the support they need for dealing with those immediate on-the-job, ‘how do I’ questions, and to have access to mentors and sponsors who can become their long-term advocates.”

The new offering will initially enable free exchange of professional help for Braintrust’s members. Over time, BTRST, Braintrust’s native currency, will be used as the value exchange to seek counsel and input on subjects ranging from salary negotiation, resume review, to switching between industries or roles.

In addition to the BTRST-for-advice model for in-depth or specific help, talent will also be able to seek free advice through the Professional Network forum. Designed to be a resource for your entire career and provide you the peace of mind of always having a professional career coach in your back pocket, each user can benefit from the more than 310,000 global professionals on Braintrust to answer questions, problem solve, and provide feedback and advice.

“The Braintrust Professional Network is the water cooler of the remote work era,” said Scott Stanford, co-founder of ACME. “It’s a place where meaningful connections and learning can flourish outside of the office and a natural complement to the thriving Braintrust jobs marketplace.”

While the platform is currently geared towards the tech industry, it is intended to evolve to include other types of knowledge workers and reach all talent who are ready to level up in their career.