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Brandon Hall Group™ Launches Study on Performance Development

How are organizations changing their approach to performance development to build an elite workforce?

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM research and analyst firm, is launching a study on July 25 to understand new strategies employers are using to improve individual and organizational performance.

“For years, employers have understood that they must change the way they manage and develop employee performance. In the last couple of years, we have seen some organizations begin to change their approaches,” said Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst for Brandon Hall Group™. “This study will help us understand how employers are leveraging technology and new strategies to develop talent in ways that benefit both the business and individuals who seek new skills and career opportunities.”

Topics of exploration include:

  • How organizations evaluate employees to get a thorough understanding of their performance and potential for future growth.
  • How organizations develop talent to address specific business needs.
  • How organizations leverage technology to facilitate performance development.
  • How organizations are measuring the success of their performance development strategies.

Respondents will receive gift card incentives, summary results of the research six to eight weeks after the survey launches, and immediate download access to the Brandon Hall Group report,  Performance Development: A Framework for Success.

“To understand the potential of employees to contribute to the future success of the business, employers focus predominately on reviewing, rating and rewarding employees’ performance,” said Mike Cooke, CEO of Brandon Hall Group™. “But potential will go unfulfilled without ongoing development of the employee on a number of levels. We will find out what new approaches are working and what opportunities remain.”

The quantitative research will be complemented by qualitative interviews. The data and insights will fuel the development of research reports and tools such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks to help organizations make the business case for new approaches to building an elite workforce.