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Bring Your US and International Teams Together on One Platform: Introducing PEO, US Payroll, and Payroll Connect

Only Deel combines PEO, US Payroll, Global Payroll, Employer-of-Record, and free HRIS capabilities

  • Employers can bring US and international teams together on one platform to compliantly hire, pay, and manage a global workforce

  • Now US companies can access Deel’s full HR stack

  • International businesses wanting to expand to US can leverage PEO* and US Payroll to stay competitive

Today’s workforce is increasingly distributed around the globe, yet companies don’t have the tools to compliantly hire, pay, and manage their teams uniformly under one system. Deel’s new US PEO (professional employer organization) for smaller companies, plus its US and Global Payroll solutions for larger ones, address these issues to meet the needs of a truly global workforce.

The ability to give global teams world-class benefits like health care can take anywhere from 6-20 HR systems to manage. And affordable access to the most competitive benefits demanded by US workers, including health care, can prove challenging, with almost half of SMBs struggling to afford to offer health insurance for global employees. With a PEO, 401(k) savings plans and worker compensation are negotiated at group rates, so businesses can save money and stay competitive.

Deel’s global payroll and HR footprint is unmatched. In 2022, Deel paid over $4 billion-plus to hundreds of thousands of workers, and already this year it’s exceeded that amount. Using Deel’s user-friendly platform, customers can run payroll in minutes instead of days, with 24/7 payroll support, processed all in-house. Global companies like Klarna,, and Reebok have used Deel to simplify payroll for their teams all over the world.

Industry analyst, advisor, and founder of GxT Advisors Pete A. Tiliakos says of PEO by Deel: “Deel has quickly established itself as a technology-enabled, one-stop-shop for all things global HR. The addition of US PEO services is a natural fit for its ecosystem of employment solutions, offering emerging organizations more ways to support their human capital needs along their growth journey through a single platform.”

In addition to its PEO, US, and global payroll solutions, Deel’s platform offers:

  • Expert hiring and in-house compliance for EOR employees and contractors
  • Deel HR, the industry’s first free and truly global HRIS
  • In-house immigration assistance for 30+ countries
  • Benefits support to help companies navigate the statutory, common, and competitive offerings in a given country

Whether you’re a smaller startup looking for top-to-bottom compliance, payroll, and benefits in the US, or a global company with multiple payroll vendors worldwide looking for a solution in the US or to unify your systems, Deel has you covered with a range of solutions tailored to your business needs.

PEO by Deel

With PEO by Deel, a company transfers its US payroll, HR, reporting, and benefits administration duties to Deel. Deel ensures payroll tax compliance, provides mandatory trainings, and handles sensitive employee relations issues like terminations and workers’ compensation claims. PEO by Deel allows you to seamlessly expand your team to new states, providing services like state registration and unemployment insurance where required. Businesses can also attract top US talent with industry-leading, Fortune 500-caliber benefits (401k, healthcare, and more) at affordable prices. 

US Payroll & Benefits Admin

Pay your US team compliantly in minutes. Deel calculates your federal and state payroll taxes, so you don’t have to worry about adding last-minute adjustments. Deel handles direct deposits and pay slips, and the Deel platform also syncs with your accounting software. You can also connect your benefits provider to the Deel platform and automate employee benefits enrollment with Deel’s Benefits Administration add-on. And all of this lives within Deel’s platform, so you can have one view of your global teams’ payroll. 

Deel Payroll Connect

Deel Payroll Connect is part of Deel’s Global Payroll solutions, now with added flexibility. If you use Deel for payroll in some countries and local vendors in other countries, you can now access our platform for all of it. Deel Payroll Connect allows you to combine all of your payroll data into one standardized Gross to Net report by consolidating your Deel payroll reports with those from your third-party payroll providers. It’s one truly global view of your global payroll operations, with consistent and streamlined metrics.