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bswift’s AI Tech Enhances Outcomes with Expanded Personalized Support

bswift LLC, an industry-leading benefits administration and technology company, has enhanced its Ask Emma® suite of consumer decision support solutions with AI. Ask Emma will now provide expanded benefit recommendations and chat support to offer tailored guidance to drive better health outcomes.

Early results from bswift’s AI-enhanced interactive decision support tools are impressive. Emma’s chat functionality has resolved questions independently 87% of the time and fielded 77% of inquiries after hours – reducing the burden on our clients’ benefits professionals.1

“We’re constantly evolving and enhancing our solutions to better serve our clients and make their jobs easier,” said Ted Bloomberg, CEO of bswift. “Expanding our decision support toolset capabilities was a natural next step in improving how employees approach their benefits, helping them make informed decisions that positively impact their lives.”

Ask Emma guides employees through core medical, dental, vision and will now include their voluntary benefits options based on their unique healthcare needs, with the ability to leverage national data, claims data and narrow network pricing to provide comprehensive benefit recommendations.

bswift upgraded Emma’s chat capabilities with AI and Natural Language Understanding. This ensures Emma can understand and respond helpfully, reducing the need to escalate to human support. By connecting to new and improved APIs, Emma can access user-specific plan and balance information. This enables her to provide accurate timely assistance when users need it most.

“bswift has always been a pioneer in the benefits technology space, and we’re continuing to lead the way in solving benefits administration challenges,” said bswift CTO John Hansen. “We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients, and our investments in Emma are a testament to that commitment.”

Ask Emma was the industry’s first interactive decision-support guide integrated in an enrollment platform. Today, bswift continues to innovate, bringing Emma’s expanded capabilities to their new digital experience and mobile app.

These upgrades offer a seamless and personalized approach to understanding, selecting, and managing benefits. This enhancement is another milestone on bswift’s journey to become the preeminent provider of benefits administration to the market.