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Cangrade Unveils Reference Checking Software to Further Data-Backed Hiring

Cangrade’s new solution automates reference checking to streamline the hiring process and gather valuable candidate data.

Cangrade, a leading AI-based predictor of job candidate success and retention, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting edge Reference Checking software.

“We are thrilled to provide HR teams with yet another way to be more efficient at gathering valuable candidate insights with our new Reference Checking solution,” shared Cangrade’s Founder and CEO, Gershon Goren.

With Cangrade’s Reference Checking software, HR teams reduce time-to-hire by automating the entire reference checking process, from requesting references at the right time in the hiring process to contacting references and collecting their responses, and notifying hiring teams that references are ready for review, saving valuable time and effort.

“Our new reference checking software is a milestone for Cangrade in modernizing the way HR professionals evaluate candidates,” said Goren. “By automating the reference checking process, we empower HR teams to make fast, smart hiring decisions that are backed by data to further improve the quality of their candidates.”

Cangrade’s Reference Checking software goes beyond the basics of reference checking to help HR teams make the right hire every time. Through structured reference collection focused on the skills critical to employee success and customizable comment fields, HR professionals gain in-depth insights into job-critical skills and past performance, reducing the risk of mis-hires. An easy-to-read score and report provide a comprehensive overview of each candidate’s recommendation and employment history, ensuring recruiters and hiring managers have the data they need to make well-informed talent decisions.