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CareValidate and Global Disability Inclusion Announce Formal Partnership to Enhance Accessibility and Inclusive Practices

CareValidate, a leading provider of innovative HR software solutions, and Global Disability Inclusion, a renowned organization dedicated to advancing disability inclusion worldwide, are thrilled to announce their formal partnership. This collaboration aims to foster accessibility and promote inclusive practices in all industry segments, ultimately improving the workplace and engagement for individuals with disabilities.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the importance of inclusivity cannot be overstated. CareValidate and Global Disability Inclusion recognize the need to address the opportunities to create more inclusive practices, and ensure the entire workforce meets their diverse needs. By joining forces, these two organizations will leverage their expertise and resources to drive positive change within the industry.

CareValidate’s partnership with Global Disability Inclusion is driven by 3 main reasons:

  1. Improving Workplace Accommodations: The collaboration aims to improve the accessibility of today’s workforce for individuals with disabilities.

  2. Promoting Inclusive Practices: The partnership seeks to foster a culture of inclusivity in our workplaces.

  3. Driving Positive Change: By advocating for policy changes and implementing best practices, the partnership aims to create lasting positive change for all individuals with disabilities.

CareValidate brings to the partnership a combination of cutting-edge software technology as well as a passion to both provide an increased sense of inclusivity within organizations as well as assisting with unburdening HR and compliance teams. Their state-of-the-art platform (AccommoCare) leverages their unique compliance cloud, AI-powered analytics, and real-time data to streamline the ADA and Job Accommodations process, both for employers as well as employees.

Jiten Chhabra, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of CareValidate, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Global Disability Inclusion in our mission to make the workplace more inclusive. This partnership aligns perfectly with our promise to HR leaders of offering a world-class workplace accommodations experience without a single spreadsheet, with the help of CareValidate’s AccommoCare platform and TPA. As a direct result of this timely partnership, AccommoCare users will now have access to top-tier experts, advocates, researchers, and trainers, in addition to AccommoCare’s intake, case management, decision support, and fulfillment resources.”

Global Disability Inclusion, with its extensive experience in disability Inclusion, offers a range of services that assist organizations in creating inclusive environments. They advise leaders through strategic consulting, training programs, and resources to foster disability awareness,and improve employee engagement. Their expertise will play a pivotal role in guiding CareValidate to develop solutions that prioritize the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Meg O’Connell, CEO & Founder of Global Disability Inclusion, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to join forces with CareValidate to advance disability inclusion worldwide. By working together, we can leverage our expertise in disability inclusion and collaborate with CareValidate’s innovative solutions and teams to create a more accessible and inclusive environment. Our shared commitment to raising awareness, fostering inclusivity, and advocating for policy changes will enable us to drive positive outcomes for individuals with disabilities. This partnership represents a significant step towards ensuring equitable experiences for all,employees.”