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C&G launches Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning Service

C&G Regulatory Solutions proudly announces the launch of its Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning division, providing tailored talent solutions for compliance and risk in financial services. C&G is thrilled to welcome Luiza Barwood, a highly experienced Resourcing and Talent Management professional, to lead this division.

Luiza brings a wealth of expertise in talent acquisition for financial institutions. As a seasoned leader, she successfully managed global financial services talent teams, developing a deep understanding of key compliance and risk attributes. With her industry experience, Luiza aims to optimise talent strategies for financial organisations. Her commitment aligns with C&G’s mission to strengthen regulatory governance and risk management.

“We are excited to have Luiza onboard to lead our new Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning division,” said Alex Culley, Founder and CEO of C&G Regulatory Solutions. “Her passion for people and extensive experience in talent management exemplify our commitment to delivering top-notch talent solutions to financial services organisations.”

Luiza stated, “I look forward to working with our clients to identify and attract top talent, ensuring their organisations remain agile and compliant amidst the evolving regulatory landscape.”

The Talent Acquisition services within the division will identify and attract outstanding talent in compliance and risk management for C&G’s clients. Drawing upon C&G’s extensive network and industry insights, the division will play a pivotal role in connecting organisations with highly skilled professionals, ensuring they have the right expertise to navigate regulatory complexities effectively.

Complementing the Talent Acquisition service, the Workforce Planning aspect of the division will be tailored to the specific needs of each organisation, offering customised strategies to optimise human capital in alignment with business goals and risk management objectives. By addressing talent gaps and fostering a culture of compliance and excellence, clients can enhance operational efficiency and fortify their regulatory resilience.